These programs may be downloaded to your PC and will run under Microsoft Windows

(just click on the program name and follow the instructions to download the program to your PC)

(locate program icon on your PC & click to start -- follow instructions -- output if created has the extention ".txt")

agree.exe - Computes agreement indeces from Likert data & tests significance

alpha.exe - Performs Ss x A Anova & Cronbach's alpha

canchi.exe - Canonical correlation of row & column variables of contingency tables

cancorr.exe - Canonical correlation from user supplied correlation matrix

chi.exe - Chi-square for Contingency Tables

cl.exe - Computes Clear Language Effect Size Indicators

corr.exe - Simple Correlation

cv.exe - Critical Values of z, t, chi-square, & F

dunn.exe - Dunnett's Test: Exp. Groups vs. Control

epsilon.exe - Computes critical values for Box's epsilon

fet.exe - Fisher's Exact Test

heter.exe - Simulates Heteroscedasticity

mort.exe - Computes payments for fixed rate mortgages

mp.exe - Calculates Exact Multinomial (or Binomial) Probabilities

oneway.exe - Computes One-way ANOVA

pa.exe - Parallel Analysis for Principal Components Factor Analysis

pca.exe - Principal Components Analysis & Varimax Rotation

power.exe - Computes Power for one-way ANOVA

powmr.exe - Computes Power for Multiple Regression

powr.exe - Computes Power for Simple Correlation

range.exe - Studentized Range Tests: N-K & Tukeys

ranper.exe - Random Permutations

Rinv.exe - Inverts Correlation matrix - Computes multiple Rs, betas, partials, etc.

rpb.exe - Point Biserial Correlations

rsig.exe - Significance of Simple Correlation Coefficients

rtgrp.exe - Randomization Test for Independent Groups

rtr.exe - Randomization Test for Correlation

rtrm.exe - Randomization Test for Repeated Measures Designs

runs.exe - Runs Tests

satt.exe - Pooled error for Ss/AxB designs (Satterthwaite)

stat.exe - Probabilities of Common Stats: z, t, chi-square, & F

steig.exe - Comparing Independent & Nonindependent r's

tetra.exe - Phi Coefficient and Tetrachoric Correlation

wilco.exe - Performs Wilcoxin's Rank Sum Test (or Kruskal-Wallis)