What is Grammar?

What is a Noun?
Exercise 1: Identifying Nouns
Lerntipp: How to test for a noun
Gender of Nouns
Exercise 2: Gender
Exercise 3: Gender
Exercise 4: Gender
Lerntipp: How to determine gender
Lerntipp: How to learn the gender of nouns
What is Case?
When to Use Each Case
Exercise 5: Case
Exercise 6: Case
Chart: Definite Articles

Chart: Indefinite Articles

Chart: Personal Pronouns

What is a Verb?

Present Tense
Exercise 7: Present Tense
Chart: sein, haben, werden, wissen Conjugated
Chart: Modal Verbs Conjugated
Exercise 8: Modals in the Present Tense
Chart: Was machen wir in der Deutschstunde?
Simple Past Tense
Exercise 9: Simple Past Tense (Weak)
Exercise 10: Simple Past Tense (Strong)
Present and Past Perfect Tenses
Exercise 11: Present Perfect Tense
Future and Future Perfect Tenses
Exercise 12: Future Tense
Chart: List of Frequently Used Verbs
Weak Verbs
Strong Verbs
Mixed Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Separable Prefix Verbs
Exercise 13: Separable Prefix Verbs
Inseparable Prefix Verbs
What is a Sentence?
Subject / Objects
Word Order
Exercise 14: Word Order


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