Third North American Ornithological Conference - 2002

2002 Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Third North American Ornithological Conference is a joint meeting of the American Ornithologists Union , The Cooper Ornithological Society , the Society of Canadian Ornithologists/Société des Ornithologistes du Canada , the Raptor Research Foundation , the Mexican Ornithological Society (CIPAMEX) , and the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB) . The quadrennial event will be held this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, Sept. 24-28, 2002.

Farewell Isidore

Now that the storm has passed, you have a tale to tell your children and grandchildren. A direct hit on New Orleans, even by an almost-hurricane, is a relatively rare event. The forecast calls for a beautiful weekend in the Big Easy, with fall-like conditions - low humidity and moderate temperatures. Major attractions will quickly reopen, and the French Quarter will be as clean as it ever gets. We will leave the weather links below for your convenience in case you have to travel to the northeast, where the storm continues to cause some problems. Thank you for your patience.

For up to date the information on the progress of this storm, we suggest you try the following sources:
The Weather Channel at:

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Conference Information

Conference Hotel Information

The official conference hotel will be the Hotel Intercontinental, 444 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans , Louisiana 70130, USA.

Tel: (504) 525 5566

Fax: (504) 523 7310

  • Hotel Intercontinental Web Site
  • For additional information on local acomodations, see the NAOC program, or follow the link below to the New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau's web site.

    Conference Services

    More information about conference services is available at the UNO Conference Services home page.

    Local Information

    Visitors to the New Orleans area will find information on the sights, sounds, and cuisine of New Orleans at:

    Everything's Hot Down in New Orleans
    The New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau maintains many resources for visitors to the Crescent City
    New Orleans Convention and Visitor's Bureau
    Convention event locations and information:
      House of Blues

      Aquarium of the Americas

    Les Freres Michot Cajun Band

    Michauls Cajun Restaurant

    Walter Anderson Museum (Ocean Springs)

    Birding in the New Orleans Area

    Conference Co-Hosts and Sponsors

    Host Institutions

    Co-hosts and Sponsors
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