Children in Cuba

Welcome to our website on the children of Cuba. We designed this website to give you a better understanding of children's lives. After looking at this sight we intend that you will have a little more knowledge about both Cuba in general and Cuban children's lives.

Cuba attempts to provide the basic necessities like health care and education equally to all citizens, especially children, however there remains much room for improvement. Despite Cuba's ideals of equality, the general status of children in Cuba depends on their families economic situation and place of residence. Many problems Cuban children face are brought about by the history of communism and the trade embargo with the United States.

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The purpose of this website is to portray the lives of children living in Cuba. It was designed by Lauren Clark, Jenn Hamm, Julia Hitchings, and Sandi Yarow, as part of a collaborative web project in a freshman writing seminar: Children and Society, taught at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Professor April Brayfield.
December 18, 1998