Housing Options for Students, Faculty and Staff


**Updated Jan. 17, 2006 with Housing Update for Faculty and Staff**

As individuals make their plans to return to New Orleans and obtain housing, Tulane is here to help.  The university has a series of solutions to the housing shortages experienced by displaced students who previously resided off-campus.  Likewise, the university has identified a housing option for displaced faculty and staff.


Displaced students will be eligible to be assigned to unoccupied rooms in residence halls, including newly constructed modular housing, or they will be housed on one of two cruise ships being leased by the university. Shuttle bus service will be provided.

Housing costs for students on the cruise ships will reflect the prevailing rates for comparable on-campus housing.

Students who were assigned housing on any of our campuses during Fall ‘05 will be reassigned to their residence halls, in most cases to the same rooms.

Families with children who previously lived in Rosen House may be assigned to an apartment either owned or leased by the university. Remaining Rosen House residents will be assigned either to the modular housing or cruise ships.

Housing applications are on the Housing and Residence Life website.  Applications are due by Thursday, Dec. 1.  Students will receive confirmation of their spring housing assignment by mid-December.

Applications for student housing in the Deming Pavilion will be accepted through Dec. 15. The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine website has more information about applying for housing in Deming.

Displaced students who formerly resided off-campus should register with FEMA. While only United States citizens are eligible to register with FEMA, international students are still able to apply for student housing. Please visit the Housing and Residence Life website for Assignments Information for Spring 2006.

Students with questions about housing should call 504-865-5724 or e-mail applyhrl@tulane.edu.

Student Housing for Spring 2006—Frequently Asked Questions


Housing Update (Jan. 17, 2006)

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FEMA Trailer Update (Dec. 2, 2005)

A FEMA number, which is assigned upon registration with FEMA, will be necessary to apply for university-provided housing.

Information about registering with FEMA and about temporary housing solutions provided by FEMA is available on the Tulane website.

Individuals are urged to make every effort to find housing on their own, including placing FEMA trailers on their property if the necessary infrastructure is present.  However, Tulane does recognize that there will be a number of faculty and staff families who are unable to procure this or any type of housing.

For those individuals who are unable to secure housing on their own, the university will provide a limited number of FEMA trailers on university-owned property.

The university is trying to accommodate the needs of all displaced faculty and staff but we cannot guarantee that every family can be accommodated. Therefore, we encourage you to continue to seek housing on your own, such as through the Temporary Housing Connection website or through this list of rental properties near the uptown campus.

Faculty and staff who registered a need for housing via the Housing and Schooling Needs Questionnaire will be contacted by e-mail no later than Nov. 18.

Faculty or staff who were residents of Rosen House should contact Housing and Residence Life about applying for Tulane housing.


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