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Tulane University is separating 243 full-time staff members effective Nov. 15.

Tulane has made some strategic decisions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to ensure the continued academic success and financial well-being of the university. This strategy necessitates a reduction in workforce and it is the first step in a long-term plan for the future.

The 243 affected employees will be paid through Nov. 15 and will be notified both by mail and by a personal phone call from their direct supervisor. They will also be paid for any vacation accrued and will be eligible for re-hiring as future employment openings occur.

The children of affected employees will continue to receive tuition waivers to attend Tulane as long as the student is currently enrolled at Tulane and pursues full-time uninterrupted enrollment at the university.

The layoffs are the first personnel action that affects full-time Tulane employees. Previously the university terminated part-time faculty and staff, as well as temporary employees. Effective October 31 more part-time employees will be terminated.

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The following employees will continue to receive pay checks from Tulane University:

Those who will be paid for November and whose future pay status will be continually evaluated:

All faculty, staff and graduate students who remain on the university payroll may be called upon by the university to perform regular or special duties as needed. Refusal to perform these duties will result in termination of pay or recoupment of payments actually made. The university assumes that all faculty, staff and graduate students will be resuming work as soon as possible. Therefore, all conflict of interest and commitment policies remain in effect.

Those who will be terminated effective October 31, 2005:


Staff Employees Vacation/Sick Leave Policy (effective November 1, 2005)

Effective November 1, only those staff employees who have been specifically requested by their supervisor to return to work and who are actively working their regular work schedule will receive regular pay. All other staff employees will be required to use accrued vacation or sick leave (in that order) until the university resumes full-scale operations. A phased return to work schedule is being finalized.

Staff employees who exhaust or do not have accrued vacation or sick leave will receive pre-paid vacation pay until the university resumes full-scale operations. Pre-paid vacation accruals will be offset against future vacation or similar personal leave accruals. In the event an employee receives pay for pre-paid vacation leave and his employment with the university terminates for any reason, the employee will be required to reimburse the university for the pre-paid vacation leave. The university reserves the right to deduct the unearned vacation pay from the employee's final paycheck, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Employees may be required to provide a written authorization for such deductions in order to receive pre-paid vacation pay.

Examples to illustrate the change in the vacation and sick leave policies.


Overtime Pay Policy (effective 8/27/05)

While the university remains closed to students, it is open to employees who might be deemed necessary to restore campus operations. As such, employees returning to work who are paid hourly will be compensated at the regular rate of pay for their regular work week (37.5 or 40 hours). Compensation will be calculated at one and one half times the employee's rate of pay for all hours worked beyond a regular work week.

Questions regarding job duties and schedules should be directed to the employee's supervisor or the supervisor responsible for the task the employee is being asked to perform.


Those who were terminated effective September 30, 2005 and August 29, 2005:

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