Retrieval of Belongings

Although campus access is limited due to ongoing restoration and construction work, we want students to have the opportunity to see first hand the progress that has been made.

The university has hired Belfor International, a firm that specializes in disaster recovery and has restored and repaired sites all over the world, including many of the buildings surrounding the World Trade Center after 9-11 and the University of Miami campus following Hurricane Andrew.

In consultation with Belfor, we have established a phased process for the retrieval of student belongings.


The university has finalized its plans regarding students' personal belongings. Residents will have several options:

Damaged Items

Fortunately, 95 percent of residence hall rooms were undamaged. However, some of the ground level rooms and apartments suffered water damage. Students whose rooms were damaged due to ground level water intrusion will be notified by phone the week of October 24. In addition, written notification, including photographs, will be sent to their home addresses.

Process and Schedule

To coordinate the retrieval effort, an online registration form has been created for you to confirm your arrival time and date. This will be posted on the Housing and Residential Life website starting Monday, October 17. Download a campus map containing traffic and parking information.

When you arrive on campus, go to your assigned residence hall and check in with the staff at the front desk between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The schedule for retrieval of personal items from each residence hall is as follows:

November 4 and 5 Monroe*, Irby and Warren
November 6 and 7 Phelps, Mayer and Sharp
November 11 and 12 Aron, JL and Butler
November 13 and 14 Willow, Patterson and Wall Residential College

* Monroe residents will check in and retrieve their belongings at the Reily Center. Since Monroe has been used to house Belfor employees, contents of rooms have been packed up by Dallas Moving and Storage, a bonded and insured professional packing and moving company. To protect your belongings, they were inventoried, photographed and packed. You can pick them up at Reily unless you want us to hold them until your return in the spring.

At this time we are not able to schedule visits to Rosen House, but as soon as we can, that information will be posted on this website.

Students residing in Deming may leave their belongings at Deming until they return in January. The contents of the rooms will be kept boxed and secured in a locked area. Alternatively, belongings may be retrieved Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The schedule is designed is give you the option to come on either a weekday or weekend, but at the same time allows us to avoid delaying campus renovations. We appreciate your adherence to this schedule.



Question 1: What should I bring to pack up my belongings?

You should bring your luggage and your Tulane ID card. Dallas Moving and Storage will also have complimentary packing supplies on hand (boxes and tape) to assist with packing your room.

Question 2: Do I have to pick up my belongings?

No, if you wish to keep your belongings in your residence hall until the spring semester you may do so.

Question 3: Can I have a roommate, friend or family member pick up my belongings?

Yes, any friend, family member or your roommate may retrieve your property, provided they present a permission letter signed by you. In addition, the person picking up your belongings will be required to sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

Question 4: I cannot come on the designated dates, what should I do?

There will be additional dates scheduled in December for you to retrieve belongings.

Question 5: What if I am unable to coordinate retrieval with my roommate?

You should continue with your plans to retrieve your belongings but will be required to sign a release verifying and acknowledging that the items you retrieved are in fact your possessions.

Question 6: Will I have the same room in the spring?

Yes. It is Tulane's intention to keep you in your existing room. However, we will contact you individually should we need to change your room assignment. If that is the case, we will work to accommodate you in a similar room.


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