Mailroom Update: Student Packages


Student Mail Update - January 2, 2006

Student addresses will be the same as those given out in the fall. Items mailed to campus should be addressed to:

Full Student Name # (box number given out in the fall)
Tulane University
31 McAlister Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Marking packages on multiple sides with the box number speeds handling of the package. Please note the box number is NOT a student's dorm room number. The student's dorm room number or dorm name should not appear anywhere in the address.

A limited number of individuals will have their box number changed due to a reconfiguration of the mailboxes associated with the repair of the facility. Those individuals will either be notified by Jan. 3 of their new address or will be able to ship to the address given to them in the fall. Those using their old address will be assigned a new address after they arrive on campus.

Students may begin shipping packages to themselves after Jan. 1, 2006. Items which may be immediately needed upon arrival should not be shipped. The process to retrieve a package may take more than a single day, as items may have to be stored off-site. For any items that are shipped please make sure to retain and have accessible tracking numbers, date of shipment, and shipping method to aid in the package retrieval process.

If you have lost your assigned box number, were not scheduled to live in campus student housing in the fall, or have further questions please write

Student Mail Update - December 19, 2005

Please be prepared for delays in mail and package services while mail and shipping companies are working to restore normal operations in the New Orleans region. Currently all operating services require two to four times longer than normal for delivery and services will continue to be impaired for the foreseeable future.

Until Dec. 19, the U.S. Postal Service was returning to the sender all student mail addressed to 31 McAlister Dr. Tulane is not currently accepting deliveries for students from any shippers such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. 

Students may begin shipping packages to themselves after Jan. 1, 2006.  Students with special needs can request individualized assistance via e-mail to  Items which may be immediately required by the student should not be shipped; please bring these items with you.  To aid in the retrieval process, for all items that are shipped please make sure to have accessible the tracking numbers, date of shipment, and shipping method.

All FedEx and UPS packages received by Tulane prior to the storm that were accessible and undamaged have been returned to the sender. If your damaged items can be identified, you will be contacted individually. Please e-mail with questions or for further information.


How can students contact Tulane University Mail Operations?

The best method to request assistance regarding mail services is to e-mail  Please refer to the list of details below that should be included when making inquiries. 

When can students submit mail forwarding forms to ensure they receive mail at their Tulane address?

Students who are receiving mail at other colleges should check with that school’s mail department on how to complete their forwarding forms.  Students receiving mail directly through the USPS should complete a forwarding form either on the USPS website or at a local post office. It is also advisable to change your address with all companies from whom you are expecting mail (i.e., credit card companies, banks, magazine subscriptions etc.). Each of these methods will require differing lengths of time to take effect; however, packages should not be sent to campus addresses prior to Jan. 1, 2006.

When will mail operations resume and when can students begin shipping to campus?

Resumption of mail operations is under way, but full service is dependent upon the completed reconstruction of the Bruff Commons mailroom.  Some services will not be available until after the beginning of the spring term.

Students may begin shipping to themselves after Jan. 1, 2006.  Students with special needs can request individualized assistance via e-mail to Items that may be immediately required by the student should be brought to campus and should not be shipped. 

To whom should questions regarding missing packages be directed?

Any student missing a package shipped to 31 McAlister Drive prior to Aug. 27, and who has yet to receive the package back, should e-mail Please include the following information:

Student Name

Box Number

How the package was addressed

Address of the shipper

Method shipped (USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.)

Tracking numbers for each package, if available

Description of each box or item (contents, size, weight)


Mailroom Update - October 7, 2005

Many Tulane students received packages sent to their student address just prior to Hurricane Katrina. Those packages which were not claimed and remained on campus through the storm are in the process of being checked for damage.  We are now beginning to return these packages to the original sender.

The first phase will include items that were shipped via UPS and FedEx. Beginning Oct. 12 you should use the original tracking number(s) to check the status of your package(s) directly with UPS or Fed Ex.

We realize that this process may raise additional questions. You will find answers to some of your inquiries below. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


What if I don’t have my tracking number?

You should contact the vendor with whom you shipped the package such as The UPS Store or Mail Boxes, Etc.  If you purchased the items from a retailer who shipped them to Tulane, you should check directly with the retailer.

If my package was returned to a store or other vendor in the ‘return to sender’ process, what is my next step?

You should contact the retailer for a possible refund or a reshipment to an alternate address.

What if I do not receive my package?

If you have not received your package by Oct. 24, please e-mail with as many specifics on your package as possible such as the student’s name, mail box number, tracking number, shipping vendor, date shipped and description of package.


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