Withdrawal Date Extended/Priority Registration


Withdrawal Date Extended

In order to allow time for students to visit campus before making a decision about the Spring '06 semester, the withdrawal date has been extended until Dec. 15, approximately three months beyond the original withdrawal date of Sept. 13. This will be the final extension, so please bear this in mind as you make your plans for the spring semester.

Any individual who has already withdrawn and has changed his or her mind should write the Registrar, Tulane University, 110 Gibson Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, and ask to be reinstated prior to the Dec. 15 deadline.

As previously announced, the university is extending the payment deadline for any fall tuition owed the university until May 1, 2006. Our hope is that by providing the opportunity to defer the fall tuition obligation without a finance charge, all of our students will be able to continue their educational program in January without interruption when the university resumes classes in New Orleans.

Priority Registration

Priority registration will be held on its originally scheduled dates, Nov. 9-18. TOUR will be available and that process will operate as usual. There will be no telephone registration process as that system is not available. Please continue to watch this website for individual registration dates and times.


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