New Orleans Protein Folding Intergroup

The New Orleans Protein Folding Intergroup, founded in January 1999, is ordinarily composed of New Orleans area academic research laboratories from Tulane, Xavier, University of New Orleans and Loyola Universities whose members share a common interest in protein structure and folding.  Our year-round, biweekly meetings are dedicated primarily to the discussion of current research in member laboratories and to the dissemination of important research news from conferences and from the scientific literature.

Meetings return to New Orleans!

Tom Bishop's House
2416 Pine St
, New Orleans, LA
5-7 pm

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Date Presenting
January 27th, 2005 Bill Wimley
February 10th, 2005 Duane Jeansonne
Nucleotide Binding by the Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase c-Src
February 24th, 2005 Bob Blake
Characterization of a novel cytochrome involved in respiration on iron in L. ferriphilum
March 10th, 2005
Cancelled for TUHSC Research Days
March 24th, 2005
NOProFIG Crawfish Boil
April 7th, 2005 Erin Horne
The J-domain of DnaJ shifts the conformational equilibrium of DnaK
April 21st, 2005
Art Edison
Not all proteins are well-behaved spheres: 
Experimental and theoretical challenges in unstructural biology
May 5th, 2005
Cancelled for Tulane MCB Faculty-Student meeting
May 19th, 2005
Tom Bishop Nucleosome: Twist, Slide, Roll
June 2nd, 2005 Diane Blake
June 16th, 2005 Bill Wimley Antimicrobial activity of peptides selected in vitro
June 30th, 2005 Geetha Kothandaraman MMTV-A Model system for studying retroviral enzymes
July 14th, 2005 Bob Blake

July 28th, 2005
Sam Landry Probing the Mechanisms of the DnaJ-DnaK Molecular Machine
August 11th, 2005 Paul Hanson Phosphorylation-dependent perturbations to helix folding
August 25th, 2005 Tom Bishop Hurricane Katrina Diaspora
September 8th, 2005 Diane Blake
September 22nd, 2005 David Worthylake
October 6th, 2005
October 20th, 2005 Bill Wimley
Combinatorial Design of Beta-Hairpin, Pore-forming Antimicrobial Peptides
at Grover Waldrop's in Baton Rouge

November 3rd, 2005 Bob Hammer, Dept. Chemistry, LSU
Amino acids analogs in the design of peptide hairpins and amyloid
aggregation inhibitors
at Grover Waldrop's in Baton Rouge
November 17th, 2005 Fareed Aboul-ela, Dept Biological Sciences, LSU
RNA structure and function (Sam's guess)
at Fareed Aboul-ela's in Baton Rouge
December 1st, 2005
Grover Waldrup, Dept Biological Sciences, LSU

Kinetic and chemical mechanisms of enzymatic reactions 

at Fareed Aboul-ela's in Baton Rouge

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