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We, the members of the Asian American Students Union (AASU), in order to promote a better understanding of the Asian American community, to increase the university's awareness of the different Asian cultures and histories, do hereby establish this Constitution of the Asian American Students Union.


Section 1: Awareness
It is Asian American Students United/ Union's goal to increase awareness of Asian cultures and Asian-American cultures among the student body here at Tulane University. AASU is here to make known the history, cultures and traditions utilized by Asian culture.

Section 2: Unity
AASU is committed to uniting the various Asian organizations here on campus as well as uniting the Tulane community to it's Asian one.

Section 3: Support
As a united front AASU will encourage and support other Asian American communities among the local as well as national level. AASU shall have an active voice in important Asian American issues.

Section 4: Community Service
AASU is determined to serve and better the University, New Orleans, and the Asian American Community, by every means possible and to the best of our ability.

Section 5: Annual Goals
Yearly goals will be set by the newly elected AASU executive board in the spring, and all goals will aim to serve the above mentioned objectives.


Section 1: General Membership
All Tulane Students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community who are interested in Asian and Asian American culture are welcomed to be general members of AASU. Dues are not required for being in this category

Section 2: Active Membership
All general members are eligible for active membership. To be an active member one must pay dues which are set by the executive board. Active members can enjoy all benefits, and are eligible for a position on the executive board.


Section 1: Positions and Duties
The President will preside over all meetings and coordinate the activities of the executive board and of AASU. He/she will work and meet with the Multicultural advisor and student programming office to keep all administrative work under control.

Vice President of Education
The Vice President of Education will preside in the absence of the President and assist the president in on-campus activity coordination. He/she will update the executive board of events organized by other Multicultural Organizations and help in calendar programming.

Vice President Social
The Vice President Social will assist the president in social event coordination and update and provide the e-board with neighboring universities' events. He/she will promote AASU and its events to increase participation and establish relationship with neighboring universities.

The treasurer will monitor the money accounts and keep all records of spending and expenses. He/she is responsible for filing any financial paperwork and checking the mailbox for monthly accounts.

The secretary will regularly check AASU webmail and mailbox in addition he/she will maintain the AASU email list and update/notify the members about all events. He/she will also take minutes at all e-board and general meetings.

The webmaster will set up AASU website page and update the website of any changes.

Public Relations Manager
The Public Relations Manager is in charge of the board members organizing advertisement of AASU activities.

Freshmen Representative
The Freshmen Representative is responsible for voicing any ideas and opinions from the freshmen class and will assist the public relations manager and any other executive board members as needed.

Board Members
The Board Member will assist the Public Relations Manager with advertising. He/she will also assist any other executive board member as needed.

Section 2: Elections
Elections will be held a week after nominations. The Freshmen Representative will be hand selected by the current board during the beginning of the academic calendar. The webmaster is appointed by the elected executive board.


All issues not specified in the constitution are to be decided by the executive board through a majority vote.


Any revisions to the constitution must be ratified by a majority of the executive board.