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Mr. David T. Mi
Flushing, NY
Tulane '07
Finance, Management, and Asian Studies

A 2007 graduate from the Tulane's Freeman school of business. During '05 fall semester Katrina incident, he went to Cornell. But lucky for AASU he came back to Tulane as soon as they let students come back. Yay! Now, he serving the country as an MP in the United States Army. By November '07, he's off on another adventure in Germany where he is assigned to be stationed.

Born and raised in NY, this former President put in his heart and soul to this new and upcoming club at Tulane. As cheesy as it sounds, this was his passion. This is why I personally considered him the daddy of AASU because it was like a baby to him. Every five minutes of his spare time was dealing with AASU.


Why is he considered the daddy of AASU you may ask?

Well if you ask me...why do you really give a crap? (haha i kid)
From what I've heard (since nobody wants to reply to my emails) is that when AASU was on the brinks of dying, this 6 ft 1 taiwanese boy gleefully stepped in to try and nurture it back into existence of Tulane. And guess what? Yup..he was more than successful. He has built a strong foundation for the future leaders of AASU to build upon. WooHoo. Happy ending.


What do others think?
- Well I got mixed reivews and I don't want to hurt peoples feelings so I'll rephrase that questions.....jk guys, everybody loves david. He's one awesome dude.....

What do others think of David Mi's contribution to AASU?
David was a very dedicated leader of AASU for the two years he was President. He was very committed to the club and took pride in building the club to what it currently is today. He was an exceptional person of high merit and distinction. - V. I.

Even though David's the only president of AASU I've worked for I'm sure he was the best. He had a lot teach people and there was a lot I learned from him. My only hope is that some of my people skills rubbed off on him. He always said AASU was his baby and it's true, but I think he knows it's in good hands. Also - he has a cute identical sister. - K. S.


I was denied an interview..what a jerk face.