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Information on AAUP draft report and upcoming meeting
Note: In early February the Tulane Chapter of AAUP met and approved sending to National AAUP a list of errata and suggested changes in emphasis to the Draft Report. No issues of substance were involved.
The national office of the AAUP recently provided the Tulane Chapter with the draft report of the Special Committee on Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans Universities. The Committee has been investigating five New Orleans institutions, including Tulane, with regard to the impact of the response to Katrina on tenure and academic freedom. The report, which contains their conclusions, will, in its final form, be the subject of deliberations by Committee A, which will make its recommendations to the body assembled at the Annual Meeting of the AAUP in June of this year on whether or not to censure any one or ones of the institutions.

The national office has explained that the purpose of the draft, to elicit corrections and comments, requires that it be read by faculty members; on the other hand, given that it is not yet in final form, it has been designated "Confidential: Not For Release." The report is therefore available in paper form only and in a limited number of copies. Once the final version of the report has been approved by the Association, it will be published in Academe and available in electronic form. To reconcile these two imperatives, the chapter executive committee decided that copies will be held by the Tulane Chapter Special Committee, which consists of the elected officers (President Linda Carroll, Vice-President Morteza Mehrabadi, Downtown Representative Janet Rice; Uptown Representative Michael Zakour; Past President Parviz Rastgoufard) and Profs. David Rice and Tom Hamrick. Faculty members wishing to read the report may contact one of the committee members and may read the report in the committee member's office or adjacent space and take notes, but may not make photocopies.

The committee has scheduled a meeting to provide an opportunity for discussion of the report. The first part will be a forum which is open to all members of the faculty. The second part will be a chapter meeting open only to voting members of the chapter. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 4:00 p.m. in the Lavin-Bernick Center 202, Rechler Conference Room. The committee will meet again on February 1 to make a final formulation of the chapter's response to the report, due in Washington on February 2.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda L. Carroll
President and Secretary, Tulane University Chapter AAUP

AAUP Chapter response to 12/06 University Board decision to reaffirm the termination of the Department of Mechanical Enigneering.
Finanical exigency AAUP/Tulane correspondence and Documents

Note: Tulane has created a webpage with a URL similar to ours: http://www.tulane.edu/aaup/
It is password protected.

Tulane AAUP Chapter response to Senate Statements response

Contact information

Tulane AAUP Chapter executive committee 2008-2010:

President and Secretary
Linda Carroll, SLA French and Italian
Ray Taras, SLA French and Italian
David Rice, SSE Biomedical Engineering
Uptown Representative
Graham Owen, Architecture
Downtown Representative
Janet Rice, SPHTM Biostatistics
Past President
Linda Carroll

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