Thu, 21 Feb 2008
Michael Bernstein
Provost, Tulane University
200 Gibson Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
Dear Provost Bernstein,
In October 2007 you met with a number of faculty members through our chapter
to discuss your plans to deal with shortfalls in faculty compensation. At
about that time, to inform ourselves and fellow faculty about where Tulane
salaries stood in relation to those at other institutuions, we obtained from
the Washington office of the AAUP a comparative analysis. This included our
peer institutions as published in earlier Tulane planning documents, and
includes the majority of those you mentioned in our meeting.
We certainly share your concern, as the Tulane figures--even including some
relatively high-salary professional divisions in the averages--rank at the
bottom or near-bottom of the group. (Wake Forest is sometimes lower, but as
a Category II institution is perhaps not as close a comparison as some of
the other institutions).
We hope these figures will be of assistance in your assessment of the need
for salary remediation, and would welcome the opportunity to contribute
further to that process.
Yours sincerely,
Linda L. Carroll
President and Secretary for the executive committee: David Rice, Treasurer;
Janet Rice Downtown Representative; Graham Owen, Uptown Representative