Tulane Aikido Club

To join the club, just show up five minutes before class at the Uptown Gym of the Reily Center.

  • - learn self-defense
  • - get a great workout (strength, cardio, flexibility)
  • - develop harmony in movement
  • - learn how to throw and immobilize potential attackers
  • - practice tanto (knife), katana (Japanese sword), and jo (short staff) techniques

WHERE: The Reily Center (Uptown Gym)

WHEN:  Monday 9-10:30pm, Thursday 8-9:30pm, Sunday 3-5pm after the start of the semester

INSTRUCTION:  The club is directly linked to the Shodokan Aikido Honbu (Headquarters Dojo in Osaka, Japan), where the club's instructor has trained and tested under Shihan Tetsuro Nariyama.   

WHO CAN JOIN:  Tulane students and other members of the Tulane community

Club President:  Frederick Twigg      ftwigg@tulane.edu

Links and Videos:

World Headquarters of Tomiki Shodokan Aikido
- Some youtube videos of Tomiki Shodokan Aikido:
Nariyama Shihan
Way of the Warrior - Aikido & Kendo
Samurai Spirit (Parts I & II of the series)
Goshin No Kata - all 50
Aikido Tomiki Kenji sensei
Shodokan Aïkido Satoru TSUCHIYA Sensei 2008