Aezanis, Temple of Zeus, 117-138 AD 
History/Medieval Studies 303
Early Medieval and Byzantine Civilization: Constantine to Crusades



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 Imperial Crisis    
 Later Roman Emperors, 306-395   
 Fall of Western Empire   
 Age of Justinian   
 Islamic Caliphs   
 Byzantine Dark Ages     
 Triumph of Christianity    
 Macedonian Resurgence 
 Restoration and Ottoman Advance  

 Finances under Justinian  
 Byzantium c.850A.D.  

Currency charts: 
   Diocletian and Constantine  
   Justinian and Heraclius  
   Isaurian, Amorian, and Macedonian Ages  
   Comnenian and Palaeogian Ages  



I. Dynasties 
II. Reconquest of the Balkans 
III. War and Diplomacy in Italy 
IV. Agrarian Legislation 
V. Chronological Table, 867-1081 
839   Arabs take Brindisi, Taranto, and Bari
    Endemic Arabic Raids in Southern and Central Italy
840   Death of LOUIS I "the Pious" (814-840)
    Civil War and Viking Invasions in Western Europe
    Disintergration of the Carolingian Empire
842-67   Reign of MICHAEL III "the Drunkard"
843   TREATY OF VERDUN: Partition of Carolingian Empire among LOTHAR (840-855), LOUIS "the German" (840-876), and CHARLES "the Bald" (840-877)
858-67   Pontificate of NICHOLAS I
858-67   Deposition of Patriarch Ignatius and Election of PHOTIUS
863   Pope Nicholas I declares Election of Photius void:
    Outbreak of PHOTIAN SCHISM (863-867)
866-67   Competition of Nicholas I and Photius over Conversion of Bulgaria
867-86   Reign of BASIL I
867   Deposition of Photius; Restoration of Communion between Rome and Constantinople
871   Western Emperor LOUIS II (855-875) captures Bari
875   Assassination of Louis II; Basil I secures Bari
878   Fall of Syracuse to the Arabs
880-85   Byzantine Reconquest of Longobardia and Calabria
886-912   Reign of LEO VI
896   Death of Pope Formosus (891-896)
    PAPAL PORNOCRACY (896-962): Decline of Papal Authority in West
901-907   Tetragamic Controversy betweeen Pope Sergius III and Patriarch Nicholas Mysticus
913-57   Reign of CONSTANTINE VII
915   Alliance between Empress Zoe Carbospina and Pope John X (914-928)
    Battle of Garigliano: Byzantine-Papal-Lombard Army ends Arabic threat to Italy
936-73   Reign of OTTO I (Emperor after 962)
955   Battle of the Lech: Otto I defeats Hungarians
    Emergence of Ottonian (Holy Roman) Empire in Germany
957-63   Reign of ROMANUS II
961-81   Unification of South Lombard Principalities under PALDOLF I IRONHEAD of CAPUA
962   Coronation of OTTO I HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR
964   Defeat of Byzantine Naval Expedition against Sicily
    Revolt of Paldolf Ironhead: Lombard-German Alliance
967-68   Negotiations between Otto I and Nicephorus II Phocas
968-69   BYZANTINE-GERMAN WAR in Italy
969-76   Reign of JOHN I TZIMISCES
    Renewed Negotiations between John I and Otto I
972   Marriage of Theophano and Otto II
    Byzantine Cultural and Spiritual Influence in Germany and Central Europe
973-83   OTTO II Holy Roman Emperor
976-1025   Reign of BASIL II
982   Expedition of Otto II to Italy
    Battle of Cortone: Arabs defeat Otto II in Calabria
    Creation of Catepanate of Italy
983-1002   OTTO III Holy Roman Emperor
1002-24   HENRY II Holy Roman Emperor
    German Support for Lombard Rebels in South Italy
1017-18   Revolt of MELO
1018   Battle of CANNAE: Catepan Basil Bojoannes crushes Lombard Insurgents
    Restoration of Imperial Rule in Italy
1025   Death of BASIL II on eve of Sicilian Expedition

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c. 700   Composition of Farmer's Law (Nomos Georgikos)
726   Promulgation of Ecloga of Leo III
810   Reforms of Nicephorus I
821-24   Revolt of Thomas the Slav: Rural Discontent in Asia Minor
922   FIRST NOVEL OF ROMANUS I: Affirmation of Peasant's Preemption Right (three years for freeholds and thirty years for military tenures)
927-28   Crop Failure and Famine; Peasants forced to sell land holding
934   SECOND NOVEL OF ROMANUS I: Extension of Preemption Rights
947   Novel of Constantine VII: Preemption Rights extended to forty years
966-69   Two Novels of NICEPHORUS II PHOCAS
    Property Requirement of Cavalry raised from 4 to 12 pounds of gold
    Prohibitions on Chruch's Purchase of Land
975   First Novel of John I
976   Second Novel of John I
976-79   Revolt of Bardas Sclerus
986-89   Revolt of Bardas Sclerus and Bardas Phocas
1002/3   SECOND NOVEL OF BASIL II: Landlords must pay allelengyon
1028-34   ROMANUS III abolishes Macedonian Land Legislation
    Development of PRONOIA TENURE
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