an exaltation of larks for string quartet (1992)

by Bruce Christian Bennett

I. Allegro con fuoco

II. Andante con sordino

III. Largo

IV. Finale

Hear the Finale of an exaltation of larksfinale.ra (RealAudio) or SQ4.mp3 (MP3)

an exaltation of larks is an homage to guitarist Robert Fripp. The composition integrates many elements of rock music and includes a handful of quotations from music by Fripp and Frank Zappa. The first movement, Allegro con fuoco, is a short movement that features solos by the viola and the cello. The second movement is primarily melodically motivated; it also accelerates to the climax of the movement by means of a series of simple metric modulations (2:3) and then similarly decelerates. The third movement explores the idea of a tape loop, where in notes are gradually added to the loop to build up a complex texture. The Finale incorporates elements of the preceding movements and ends with violin cadenza and a rousing rock finish.

Movements I and III were also reworked for player piano in What's the diffèrance?

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