EBIO Kids - Diversity Rap

The lyrics, also under video comments: (I know that some of the terms may not go together in nature, but the main character in the song is a superhuman with all the awesome powers of other organisms.

In addition the phrase Dumb Kids Play On Freeways Go Spat is to remember the taxonomic order. Domain, Kingdom, etc) Enjoy!

Jacob Cross and Tia DiMassi

Ebio kids, our term lists breaks boulders

Civilized, cephalized, head on our shoulders.

Ebio kids, so raise your cups up

cuz we’re all in the same boat, Opisthokonta.


Inside of me, is the phylogeny,

 of things past, present ,and soon to be.

 Weapons of each taxon here and gone that I’ve come upon,

 the best of each one from tropical prawns to Genghis Khan.


I’m a new type of homo sapien

some say I’m an alien.

 My new flash cards are unfailin’.

Now, this is the future, of mammalian.


All cartilage no bone. I’m in the zone: Chondrichthyes.

 I run the ocean floor with razor teeth like these.

And much to my shagreen,

 I formed a symbiotic relationship, with algae it seems.


Being on the top doesn’t mean you’re all B.A.D.

 I’ve taken a lichen to them and them to me.

That’s mutalism boy, Come out and SEA.


Taxonomy can be tough, so remember that

Dumb Kids Play On Freeways Go Splat.

Pulled an all-nighter now I’m in a daze.

Mnemonic device, so just remember the phrase .


Remember the name? No, it’s not Fort Mino(r).

 Attention span Where’d You Go,

cuz I’m tryna remember all these different fact figures, and phyla.

So here are some tips for the Ebio final.


10% matching, 60% fill-ins, 30% importance ‘n how to be an organism,

90 minutes long and you start late, 100% reason to remember that phrase


Didn’t know Ebio was hood until they mentioned pistols (ils).

Tetrodotoxin, predators, nematocysts and end alls.

Don’t mix up setae and septae, for anything that crawls.

Complete metamorphosis we’re changing for the cause.


Ebio kids, our term lists breaks boulders

civilized, cephalized, head on our shoulders.

Ebio kids, so raise your cups up,

cuz we’re all in the same boat, Opisthokonta