Hammerhead Structure Comparison

Reference 1 Reference 2
Pley, H.W., Flaherty, K.M. and McKay, D.B. (1994) Three-Dimensional Structure of a Hammerhead Ribozyme. Nature 372, 68-74. [Medline Abstract] Scott, W. G., Finch, J. T. and Klug, A. (1995). The Crystal Structure of an All-RNA Hammerhead Ribozyme: A Proposed Mechanism for Catalytic Cleavage. Cell. 81, 991-1002. [Medline Abstract]
hammin.GIF hammin.GIF

By clicking the equivalent buttons you can compare similar views of each structure model. While the models look different at first glance, due to their different secondary structure arrangements, the close-up views of important regions (F3 and F4) show the structures are nearly identical.

Red/Blue stereo picture of both structures
Hammerhead Ribozyme - Main Tutorial (Ref. 1)
Hammerhead Ribozyme - (Ref. 2)

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