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Brazilian Studies Council

Idelber Avelar, Spanish and Portuguese
Research Interests: Latin American Literatures and Intellectual Histories, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Allegory, Trauma, Post-dictatorial Fiction

Jeff Chambers, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Ecology
Research Interests: Tropical Ecology, Amazonia, atmosphere changes

William Balée, Anthropology
Research Interests: Sociocultural anthropology, Historical Ecology, Ethnobotany, Amazonia, Brazil

Carolyn Barber-Pierre, Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs
Research Interests: Campus Diversity, Multi-cultural programming and services, Brazilian dance and performance

Christopher Dunn, Spanish and Portuguese/ADST (Director)
Research Interests: Brazilian Literary and Cultural Studies, Brazilian Popular Music, Afro-Brazilian Culture, Countercultures

Luciana Fiorini, Economics

Research Interests: Microeconomics, economic theory, financial economics

Martha Huggins, Sociology
Research Interests: State Violence, Labor, Japanese-Brazilians

Carl Kendall, International Health and Development of School of Public Health
Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, HIV/AIDS, dengue, childhood diseases, abortion and emergency contraception

Diogo de Lima, Theater and Dance

Research Interests: Modern Dance, Jazz Dance

Ana Lopez, Communication
Research Interests: Film Analysis and Criticism, Cultural Studies, Film Theory, Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Cinema, Latin American Film

Colin Maclachlan, History
Research Interests: Latin American social history, environmental history, comparative study of rivers, Brazil and Mexico

Leandro Magnusson, Economics

Research Interests: Econometric theory (identification and hypothesis testing), applied econometrics, Bayesian econometrics

Vicki Mayer, Communication

Research Interests: Cultural citizenship, ethnic identities, grassroots video, reality programs

Anthony Pereira, Political Science
Research Interests: agrarian politics; democracy and social movements; human rights and the rule of law; political economy, Brazil and southern cone of South America

Claudiney Pereira, Economics

Research Interests: Economic Growth, Development Economics, International Trade, and Applied Econometrics

Mauro Porto, Communication

Research Interests: media and politics in Brazil; media and democracy in Latin America; journalism; telenovelas; audience studies; and political theory

Dan Sharpe, Music

Research Interests: popular music of Brazil, music and globalization in Latin America

Aaron Schneider, Political Science

Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, participatory budgeting, fiscal policy, taxation in Brazil

Edith Wolfe, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Latin American Studies

Research Interests: Modern and contemporary Latin American art and visual culture with a focus on Brazil

Justin Wolfe, History
Research Interests: Latin American post-colonial social and cultural history, nation-state formation, race, ethnicity, and the African Diaspora