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The interdisciplinary study of Brazil is an area of strength within the broader field of Latin American Studies at Tulane University. Students have the option of getting a minor in Brazilian Studies that may combine with a major in Portuguese, Latin American Studies, or any other discipline. Students who are interested in pursuing a minor in Brazilian Studies should consult with the Director of Brazilian Studies, Christopher Dunn, or with the Director of Undergraduate Studies of Latin American Studies, Edith Wolfe.

Why Study Portuguese?

Brazilian Studies Minor

Five courses (minimum of 15 credits) are required for the minor in Brazilian Studies. This will include BRAZ 201 Introduction to Brazilian Studies plus two additional electives (listed below) at the 300 level or above and at least two at the 600 level. Of these four electives, students must choose at least one from the humanities and at least one from the social sciences. Furthermore, students must take at least three Portuguese language courses which do not count as electives. This requirement will be waived if at least two of the electives are taught in the Portuguese language, relate to Brazil, and are at the 300 level or higher. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad programs in São Paulo and Salvador, Bahia, yet at least half of the electives must be completed at Tulane University.

ANTH 306/606: South American Indians
ANTH 371/671 Historical Ecology of Amazonia

BRAZ 201: Intro to Brazilian Studies
BRAZ 481: Special Topics in Brazilian Studies
BRAZ 491, 492: Independent Studies

BRAZ 695, 696: Special Offerings in Brazilian Studies

COMM 481: Brazilian TV and Culture

HISL 681: Colonial Brazil
HISL 682: Modern Brazil

MUSC 331: The Music of Latin America: Brazil

POLS 301: Brazilian Politics
POLC 634: Brazilian Government

PORT 313 Readings in Luso-Brazilian Literature

PORT 333 Brazilian Literature in Translation

PORT 461 Brazilian Cinema

PORT 614 Major Authors of Brazil

PORT 616 Afro-Brazilians

PORT 622 The Literature of Brazil

PORT 623 Brazilian Literature and the City

PORT 629 Brazilian Cultural Studies

PORT 644 Brazilian Popular Music

SOCI-698-01 Brazilian Society