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Campus Design Committee

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The impression of Tulane University as a campus or place must first be uniform and organized. Playing upon characteristics of the university that are already positively recognized is a smart and natural way to increase and enrich the attributes of those positive qualities. Also, Tulane has a tradition and heritage that is difficult to rival, which is apparent in its architecture.

The Campus Design Committee insures that the quality of campus design and construction is consistent with overall Tulane University design goals and objectives. The committee reviews campus construction projects of a scope and scale that are not being overseen by specific project committees. Examples of specific issues that the committee will review include signage, fencing, landscape projects, and small renovation projects. Committee membership is diverse, ensuring broad representation from across the Tulane campus community.

History of campus planning at Tulane University

Contact the committee about a design project or send in a suggestion
Concerns should be addressed to the Campus Planning Office, 865-5441.


Tilton Hall detail

red brick archway

Israel Building