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Classical Studies

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Faculty in Classical Studies

The faculty in Classical Studies at Tulane University represent a wide range of research and teaching interests within the field of Classics. We have specialists in Greek and Latin literature, Roman law, ancient history, classical art and archaeology, early Christian and ancient Judaic studies.


Dennis Kehoe

Dennis P. Kehoe
Ph.D., Michigan
Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities


Graduate Advisor

Office: Jones 206 B
email | cv

Telephone: 504-862-3082

Associate Professors

Jane Carter

Jane B. Carter
Ph.D., Harvard


Teaching Coordinator
Office: Jones 206 D
email | cv Telephone: 504-862-3083


Thomas D. Frazel


Department Chair

Library Liaison & Riedel Librarian

Office: Jones 206 C
email | cv Telephone: 504-862-3084


Susann S. Lusnia
Ph.D., Cincinnati

Assistant Director - Classroom Engagment, CELT

Website Manager & Technology Coordinator

ICCS Representative


Office: Jones 210 A
email | cv Telephone: 504-862-3078

Assistant Professors

Ryan Boehm

Ryan Boehm
Ph.D., UC Berkeley


Colloquium & Speakers Coordinator


Office: Jones 210 E
email | cv Telephone: 504-862-3079


Michael Brumbaugh


- Classics Club & Eta Sigma Phi Faculty Adviser


Office: Jones 210 B
email | cv
Telephone: 504-862-3080


Margaret Butler

Margaret E. Butler
Ph.D., Stanford


Undergraduate Advisor

College Year in Athens Representative

Office: Jones 206 A
email | cv
Telephone: 504-862-3081


Mallory Monaco Caterine
Ph.D., Princeton


Office: Jones 312 D

Telephone: 504-862-3076

Visiting Faculty, 2013-14

Matthew Notarian
Ph.D., University of Buffalo

Office: Jones 312 C
email | cv Telephone: 504-247-1356

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Deborah MacInnes
Ph.D., Duke University

Office: Jones 312 B
email | cv Telephone: 504-247-1484


Christopher Caterine
Ph.D. candidate, University of Virginia
Office: Jones 312 B
email | cv  


Emeritus faculty

Joe Park Poe
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Columbia

email | cv


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