Margaret E. Butler

Assistant Professor

Office: Jones Hall 210 E

Department of Classical Studies
Jones Hall 210
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118

Office phone: (504) 862-3079



2008 Classics, Stanford University



Classics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Highest Distinction with Highest Honors, Phi Beta Kappa

Non-degree educational experience:

2006 (Summer), 2005 (Summer), and 2003-2004 
 • Visiting Student Associate Member, The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

2003 (Summer)
• International Summer School, The Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece

1999 (Spring)
• College Year in Athens


American Council of Learned Societies Fellow 2011-12


Temples and Festivals of Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Tyranny and Democracy
The Greek Way of Death
War and Power in Ancient Greece
Age of Pericles


Butler, M.E. 2011. “The logic of opportunity: Philip II, Demosthenes, and the charismatic imagination.” Syllecta Classica 21: 1-33.


"What Goes Around Comes Around: Ancient Macedon and the Greater Aegean World." The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill International Colloquium on Current Issues in State Formation: The Mediterranean and Beyond, 2003

"Assembling Assemblages: Archaeological Cohesion and Burial in Ancient Macedon." Stanford Archaeology Center Mellon Humanities Workshop, 2005

"The Warrior, the Citizen, and the Prince: Death-ritual in Northern Greece." Archaeological Institute of America & American Philological Association Annual Meeting, 2006

"Things Ain't Like They Used To Be: Socio-Cultural Change in Ancient Macedon and the Greater Aegean World." Classical Association of the Canadian West & Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest Joint Annual Meeting, 2007

"Warrior Kings and the Rise of Macedon." Archaeological Institute of America, Stanford University Chapter, 2007

"Coming off the Bench: Semi-peripheral states in the 4th-c. BCE Aegean." The Association of Ancient Historians Annual Meeting, 2009

"The collapse of tradition: Space, time, and ritual in ancient Macedon." Space & Time Across Languages, Disciplines, and Cultures, University of Cambridge, 2010

"Making Macedon: Charisma and opportunity in state formation." Nation & Charisma, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2010

"Poseidon's Fury: Disaster and recovery at ancient Helike." Fridays at Newcomb, Tulane University, 2010 (September)

"'Haste Makes Waste' or 'The Early Bird Gets The Worm'?: Thucydides on Timing." The Classical Association of the Middle West and South: Southern Section Biennial Meeting, 2010 (October)

"King as Entrepreneur: Charisma and Opportunity in Ancient Macedon." Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association, 2011 (January)

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