Jane B. Carter

Associate Professor Emerita


Ph.D. 1984 Classical Archaeology, Harvard University
Dissertation: Greek Ivory-Carving in the Orientalizing and Archaic Periods. (Emily Vermeule, director.)
M.A. 1979 Classical Archaeology, Harvard University
M.A. 1971 English Literature, University of Virginia
A.B. 1970 English Literature, Mount Holyoke College

Non-degree work:
1979-80            Regular Member, American School of Classical Studies, Athens.
1974-76            Courses in Greek, Latin, and Classical Studies, Boston College.


Tulane University


Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies.
  (1994-2000, 2008-11  Department Chair.)


Assistant Professor, Department of Classical Studies.

Wheaton College


Visiting Instructor, Department of Classics.


(1)  Greek Ivory-Carving in the Orientalizing and Archaic Periods.  New York:  Garland
Publishing Inc., 1985.
(2)  The Ages of Homer.  Co-editor (with Sarah P. Morris) and contributor.  Austin: 
University of Texas Press, 1995.

In progress:
(3)  The Beginning of Greek Sculpture.  Under revision.
(4)  Offering Stands in the Ancient Mediterranean.

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• University of Minnesota, Archaeological Research in the Western Peloponnesos, Pylos, Greece.  Field director.  Summers, 1993-1994.  Architectural study and drawing of state plan of Mycenaean palace.
• Tulane-UCLA Project on Lefkada, Greece.  Summers, 1990-1992.  Co-director.  Survey of late classical towers on Lefkada.
• Excavations at Kavousi, Crete, Greece.  Summer, 1990.  Trench master.
• Koukounaries Excavation, Paros, Greece.  Summer, 1984.  Trench master.
• Nemea Temple Project, Greece.  Summers, 1981-82.  Registrar, draftsperson, and photographer.  Fourth-century temple drawn and reconstructed on paper.
• Corinth Excavations, Greece.  Spring and summer, 1980.  American School training session; trench master during the regular excavation season.
• Knidos Archaeological Expedition, Turkey.  Summers, 1973-77.  Trench supervisor and registrar of small finds.  Supervised registration, drafting, and photography of Knidos finds in the Bodrum Museum, 1976-77.


Tulane Research Enhancement Fund, Phase II

2007-2008 $63,941

ACLRT Summer Workshop, Tulane University

Summer 2000  

Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, Tulane University

1998 $1,500

ADST Course Development Grant, Tulane University

Summer 1997 $750

Summer Fellowship, Committee on Research, Tulane University

June 1995 $4,000

Summer Fellowship, Committee on Research, Tulane University

July 1993 $1,000

Office of the Provost, Tulane University

Summer 1990 $10,000

Summer Fellowship, Committee on Research, Tulane University

1988 $3,000

Summer Fellowship, Committee on Research, Tulane University

1987 $3,000

J. Paul Getty Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Art and the Humanities at Yale University

1986-1987 $21,000

National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend

1986 $3,000

American Council of Learned Societies, Grant-in-Aid

Summer l985 $2,500

Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Committee on Undergraduate Education, Harvard University


Whiting Fellowship in the Humanities, Harvard University


Honorary Fellow, American School of Classical Studies, Athens


Charles Eliot Norton Fellowship, Harvard University



American School of Classical Studies, Managing Committee, 1988 to present. 
            Committee on Committees, 1991-93 (Chair, 1992-93). 
            Executive Committee, 1995-1999; 2002-2006
            Vice-Chair of Managing Committee, 2002-2006
Tenure Reviews:
            University of St. Thomas, Tufts University, Boston University, Franklin & Marshall.
Referee for:
            American Journal of Archaeology
            Classical Antiquity
            Cambridge University Press
            University of Texas Press
            J. Paul Getty Fellowship, 1993, 1994, 1996
            American School of Classical Studies, NEH Fellowship
            National Endowment for the Humanities, Archaeological Section
Tulane University Committees (elected committees only):
            Curriculum Committee, 1989-92 (Chair, 1991-92).
            Liberal Arts & Sciences Executive Committee, 1991-94.
            University Senate, 1994-1997, 2003-2006.
            Senate Representative to Board of Administrators, 1994-1995.
            Committee to Evaluate the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences 1996.
            Graduate Council of the Faculty of the Graduate School, 1996-1999.
            Search Committee for Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1997.
            Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2001-2003.
            School of Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee, Spring 2006.
            School of Liberal Arts Nominating Committee, 2006


Tulane University:
            Greek Art and Archaeology (lecture).
            Roman Art and Archaeology (lecture).
            Aegean Bronze Age (lecture).
            Egyptian & Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (lecture).
            Egypt under the Pharaohs (lecture). 
            Despots and Democrats (honors seminar on sixth- and fifth-century Athens).
            The Athenian Akropolis (seminar)
            Greek Vase Painting (seminar on Attic black-figure and red-figure).
            The Minoan Civilization of Crete (seminar).
            Bronze Age Greece:  The Mycenaeans (seminar).
            Sex, Love, and Socrates (freshman writing seminar).  F 98, F 99, F 01, F 02, F 03
            Major Monuments of Greek Sculpture (seminar).  S 02
            Latin 101 and 102.
            Greek 101, 102, and 203.
            Intensive Greek 100-204.
            Greek 405/605:  Plato’s Republic (seminar).
            Greek 606:  Herodotos (seminar).
            Greek 307/609:  Homer (seminar).
            Greek 605:  Plato’s Republic and Greek Prose Composition (seminar).
            Greek 611:  Greek Orators (seminar).
            Greek 607:  Lyric Poetry (seminar).
            Art History Survey (one-semester survey of all periods).
            Art Survey I (paleolithic through medieval).
Wheaton College:
            The History and Practice of Archaeology.
            Roman History (Republic and Empire).
Harvard University:
            Greek A and B (beginning Greek).
            Sophomore Tutorial in Greek.
            Periclean Athens (as section leader).


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