Susann S. Lusnia

Associate Professor

Office: Jones Hall 210 A

Photo by Derek Toten/Tulane University
(Photo: Derek Toten/ ILC, Tulane University)

Department of Classical Studies
Jones Hall 210
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118

Office phone: 504-862-3078

Full curriculum vitae for download here.


B.A. in Latin, University of Mary Washington (formerly Mary Washington College), 1985
M.A. in Classics, University of Cincinnati, 1990
Ph.D. in Classics, concentration in Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati, 1998


Archaeology of Italy and the Roman Empire; Roman material culture and civilization; politics and propaganda in art and architecture; urban topography and monuments of Rome; monumentality in ancient art and architecture


1998-9 Assistant Professor, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, Rome

Acting Assistant Professor, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, VA
(now Randolph College)

2000-2003 Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
2003-8 Assistant Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
2008- Associate Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
2011-12 Faculty Scholar, Center for Public Service, Tulane University
2011-13 Director, Classical Summer School, American Academy in Rome (Italy)


2011- Assistant Director for Classroom Engagement, Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching, Tulane University



  • Weiss Presidential Fellow (award for excellence in undergraduate teaching), 19 May 2007, Tulane University, New Orleans [news link]
  • Phase II Research Enhancment Grant ($12,520), for research in Italy, 2006-7, Tulane University, New Orleans
  • Franklin Research Grant ($5,000), for research in Italy, summer 2005, American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia


Book: (in press, Collection Latomus, Belgium)

Creating Severan Rome: The Architecture and Self-Image of L. Septimius Severus 


“Julia Domna's Coinage and Severan Dynastic Propaganda," Latomus  54 (1995) 119-140.

"The Septizodium in Rome: A Political Image in Monumental Style." In Casey, J., Warnement, M., Whelton, J. & Wingenter, A. (eds.), Layfayette, IN, Bordighera Press (2000): 201-15.

“Urban Planning and Sculptural Display in Severan Rome: Reconstructing the Septizodium and its Role in Dynastic Politics,” American Journal of Archaeology 108 (2004): 517-544.

Battle Imagery and Politics on the Severan Arch in the Forum.” In S. Dillon and K. Welch (eds.), Representations of War in Ancient Rome. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2006): 272-299. (on Amazon)

"Redating the Septizodium and Severan Propaganda." In Mattusch, C., Donohue, A. & Brauer, A. (eds.), Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science, and Humanities (Proceedings of the XVIth International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Boston, August 23-26, 2003). Oxford, Oxbow Books (2006): 196-9. (at David Brown Book Co.)

"Pompeii on the Mississippi: the view from New Orleans." In Traumatology 14.4 (2008): 67-74 (special issue on Hurricane Katrina).

Articles for Wiley-Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Ancient History (Editors: R. Bagnall, K. Brodersen, C. Champion, A. Erskine, & S. Hübner) : Rome, Severan and third century; Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Lucius ; Didius Severus Julianus Augustus, Marcus; Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus Augustus, Marcus; Clodius Albinus, Decimus; Fulvius Plautianus, Gaius; and Julia Domn

Works in Progress:

“Bacchus and Hercules in Severan Rome: Re-examining a Colossal Temple on the Quirinal Hill.” Article in manuscript stage.



“The Imagery of War and the Severan Public Monuments,” CAMWS, April 4, Austin, TX

“Propaganda and the City: The Case of Severan Rome,” presented at the Association of Ancient Historians meeting , April 25-28, Savannah, GA

“War and Politics in Severan Art,” Southeastern College Art Conference, October 25, Mobile, AL

“The Date of the Septizodium: A New Proposal,” CAMWS Southern Section, November 7, Birmingham, AL


“Redating the Septizodium and Severan Propaganda,” 16th International Congress, Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica, August 23-26, Boston, MA


“The Date of the Septizodium Reconsidered,” 105th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, January 2-5, San Francisco, CA


“Reconsidering the Colossal Temple on Rome’s Quirinal Hill,” 108th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, January 4-7, San Diego, CA

"Pompeii on the Mississippi: the view from New Orleans," at the 9th BIRTHA conference, Ruins and Reconstructions: Pompeii in the Popular Imagination, 17-19 July 2007, University of Bristol, England


"Engendering reflection and community engagement: two approaches to teaching Pompeii," at Teaching Pompeii in a Liberal Arts Setting: Contexts, Interdisciplinarity, and Collaboration, workshop held 4 – 6 February, at Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN


LATN 303 Ovid
LATN 307: The Roman Novel (Petronius & Apuleius); Letters of Pliny

CLAS 3120 / ARHS 3120 / HISA 3120 Etruscans and Early Rome
CLAS 3170/ ARHS 3170 Greek Art and Archaeology
CLAS 3180 / ARHS 3180 Roman Art and Archaeology
CLAS 3190 / ARHS 3190 / HISA 3190 Pompeii: Roman Culture and Society in Microcosm
CLAS 381-H / ARHS 391-H Art & Culture in the Roman Republic (honors special topic)
CLAS 418/ HISA 417 History of Roman Religion
CLAS 4200/6200 (ARHS 6200) Seminar in Roman art and archaeology (topics: Roman Emperors as Builders; Ancient Painting & Mosaics; Monunment of Ancient Rome; Antonines & Severans; Topography of Rome)
CLAS 4200/CLAS 5110 (capstone) Roman Sculpture in Context

COLQ 401-01 Rome the Eternal City (Honors colloquium)

TIDE 159-01  Responses to Disaster, Past and Present (freshman orientation course, 2006-2007)
TIDE 1830-01 Loot, Plunder, & Pillage: Ethics in Archaeology and the Art Market (with service learning, 2008-present)

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