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Research guides

Tulane Howard-Tilton Memorial Library: Classical Studies Research Guide
Presents all the relevant classics-related sources of the library. Off-campus use of the subscription services requires that you log onto the proxy server via the library website.

The New York Public Library Guide to research in Classics
Lists a number of basic sources on various subjects within classics that can help you start on a research project or find the answer to a simple question.


Guides to citation formats & abbreviations

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library resources
(with links to a variety of other sources, e.g. Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, etc.)

Style Guide of the American Journal of Archaeology (AJA)

Abbreviations used by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI)

Abbreviations used by L'année philologique (APh) -- this links to a .pdf document compiled by Johns Hopkins University library.

Basic writing aids

Grammar Girl
Tips on basic grammar for better writing. You can subscribe to Grammar Girl's podcast on iTunes.



via Howard-Tilton (sign in via the proxy when off-campus)

L'année philologique
Bibliographic database of classical journals, books, and other publications. Covers all subject areas in classics.

IBZ - International Bibliography of Periodical Literature
Includes periodicals of use to research in classical studies.

On the Internet

Abzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet
An extensive index of resources on the pre-Islamic civilizations of Western Asia and Egypt.

Bibliography of the History of Art / International Bibliography of Art (BHA)
The Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) is the world's most comprehensive bibliography of scholarly writing about the history of western art. BHA includes articles from over 1,200 journals.

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Features a wide-range of resources for teaching and research on women in the ancient world.

Since 1994, the Archäologische Bibliographie
, a comprehensive bibliography for archaeology, art history, and and history compiled by the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Rome, has been published electronically. This citation-only index covers publications appearing from 1956 to the present.

Gnomon Online
On-line bibliography of resources relating to the classical world. It provides several search tools, including a title and author search and a search of the "Thesaurusanzeige". Users in a hurry may find it easier to begin with the Quick Start Guide. Also on-line is an internet version of Inscriptiones Latinae Eystettenses (last update 95,000 inscriptions).

Kirke: Katalog der Internetressourcen für die Klassische Philologie aus Erlangen
Index of internet sites relating to the classical periods of Greece and Rome.

Nestor: Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related Areas
Provides both simple and advanced searching of the bibliographic database of publications on Aegean prehistory.

A database of the tables of contents of over 150 journals of interest to classicists. Search the TOCS-IN archives.


Via Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
You must be on campus to access these sources directly from this page. If you are off campus, go first to the library's web site and log into the proxy, then find the library's link to the source.

Tulane's subscription to JSTOR allows access to several journals in the area of Classical Studies, along with additional selections in art history, history, religion, linguistics and archaeology. Note: Charles E. Jones, librarian for the Institute of Study of the Ancient World, has compiled a list of journals that publish content on the ancient world (broadly construed) and are available in JSTOR.

Numerous academic journals, including American Journal of Philology, Arethusa, and other classics-related texts.

For more resources available through Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, see the library's guide to Classical Studies resources.


Greek, Roman, & Byzantine Studies
This journal "devoted to the culture and history of Greece from Antiquity to the Renaissance" has made not only its back issues but also its current issues available online in downloadable format.

The Ancient World Online
An alphabetical list of Open Access journals in ancient studies available online. This blog is maintained by Charles E. Jones, librarian at the Institute of Study of the Ancient World at NYU.

The Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Reviews of current books, new journals, and electronic resources relating to classical scholarship. Users may search the archived reviews and/or subscribe to a list service that delivers reviews via email. There is a companion e-journal for medieval scholarship, The Medieval Review, and you can subscribe to both via this weblink.

Persée provides access to a number of French academic periodicals and will eventually expand to include conference proceedings and series. Like JSTOR, the journal-runs stop at about 5 or so years from the current year. Classics journals on this site are BCH, BÉFEO, CRAI, MÉFRA, Dialogues d'histoire ancienne, Metis and Revue numismatique. Registration is free and allows the user to save searches.

BiASA – Periodici Italiani Digitalizzati
This site, sponsored by the Ministero per i Beni Culturali, offers pdf versions of 117 Italian periodicals. Most of these are journals that began in the 19th century, and although available volumes are generally the first few decades of each journal, these can be difficult to get via ILL due to their age and the condition of these old journals. Journals of interest to classicists include: Africa Italiana, the Atti of the Accademia dei Lincei, Bollettino d'arte, Bollettino di filologia classica, Bullettino comunale (archaeological journal of the city of Rome), Bullettino di archeologia cristiana, Monumenti antichi, Notizie degli scavi, and Studi Romani. Registration is required, but free, in order to use the site.

via Howard-Tilton Memorial Library
(off-campus users login via proxy)

Full-text electronic editions of Migne's editions of the early Church fathers and other ancient through Byzantine-era Christian documents.

Online version of the new edition of the famous Pauly's Realencyclopedia. Both the German and English version are availble.

Includes the online version of The Oxford Classical Dictionary.

Recent titles published by Oxford on classical studies available as e-texts online.

For more resources available through Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, see the library's guide to Classical Studies resources.


Online Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Dictionary
The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae has made its online LSJ available to the public. Their are two primary search methods: via the Greek term or via an English meaning. This is a powerful tool, quick, and very useful.

Archimedes Project (online Greek & Latin dictionaries)
Harvard's Archimedes Project has made available several dictionaries in online formats: Liddell-Scott-Jones, Index Aristotelicus, Autenrieth's A Homeric Lexicon, Lewis & Short, Webster's Unabridged (1913), two German dictionaries, one French (1762), Salmoné's Arabic-English dictionary, and the Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary.

The Perseus Digital Library
The Perseus Digital Library is a growing database containing a vast array of information including texts, lexicons, images, and maps for ancient Greece and Rome.

The Latin Library
A website that offers Latin texts, including Christian, Medieval, and Neo-Latin.

Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
Includes Late Latin authors – currently indexed by author only but will eventually have title, genre, and date indexes. The collection is searchable.

Library of Ancient Texts Online (LATO) - Greek texts
This website provides links to Greek texts available online.

The Early Church Fathers (
Here you can find a collection of English translations of the works of Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene church fathers.

Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
An online textbook by Prof. Jeremy B. Rutter (Dartmouth College).

AWOL - The Ancient World Online
A blog on which are collected links to digital repositories of scholarly work, e.g., Chaniotis's work on Oxford's website. C.E. Jones, who is collecting these links, is also posting them to ABZU (see under "Databases" tab).

The Duke Papyrus Archive
The Duke Papyrus Archive gives "electronic access to texts about and images of 1,373 papyri from ancient Egypt." Click here to search the archive.

Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum
The CORPVS MEDICORVM GRAECORVM / LATINORVM has made the earlier publications of its series CMG, CML, CMG Supplementum and CMG Supplementum orientale available online for free. This is part of the Berlin-Brandenberg Academy of Sciences.

BIUM - histoire de la médecine et de l'art dentaire
On this site you can find the corpus of ancient medicine. The texts are in the original Greek or Latin, scanned from various print editions. Usually there are several editions of each author represented in the corpus.

Databases of Classical Art & Architecture

Note: some of these sites are for research only, i.e., no free downloads.

SEE THIS GUIDE for help with scanning images for class presentations.

Available to those with Tulane user accounts via the library website (be sure to login via the proxy when off-campus).

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
The online version of the multi-volume work that documents more than 100,000 vases of classical antiquity.

The Beazely Archive (Classical Art Research Centre, Oxford)
A wide range of classical art is represented here, including vases, gems, sculpture, historic photographs, and antiquarian books.

The Athenian Agora
The American School of Classical Studies in Athens has created a web site for the Athenian Agora Excavations that is full of useful materials. Under the "Research" section you can see photos, plans, and descriptions of the materials uncovered by this multi-decade project.

Other image sources

Wikimedia Commons
This site offers images under the Creative Commons License. You can download and use most images for non-commercial purposes. The site is fairly well indexed with searchable categories. The labeling of the images is generally reliable, with occasional mistakes. Image sizes are typically suitable for PowerPoint use, though some resizing may be needed.

This is a photo-sharing website. A surprisingly large selection of images of classical art and ancient sites are available here; however, caution is advised since the labeling can be inaccurate at times. Searching relies on the tags given to the images by the individuals who post them. Not all images are available for download.

Google - Image searches
Google offers the option to search for images. Be aware, however, that Google's method of retrieval is to show you images from every web page in which the text contains one or more of the search terms you specify. This means that a search for "Pantheon" might turn up images of things other than the actual ancient Pantheon building in Rome (e.g., the one in Paris!). Since Google searches often yield results in the thousands, you should try using the Advanced Search options to specify additional search criteria, such as size of the image (800 x 600 pixels or larger is best for PowerPoint use), exact phrasing of search, etc.

Plug-ins for Firefox

Designed as a plugin for Firefox, Alpheios aids in learning and reading Latin and Ancient Greek. The Alpheios Tool provides access to dictionaries, grammars, and morphology. It has both Reading and Quiz modes.

OpenSource Fonts

Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Scripts, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform, Musical Symbols, Symbol Blocks of the Unicode Standard, Text Typefaces based on old Greek fonts, et al. OpenSource fonts designed by George Douros.

GALATIA (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
This is an OpenSource Unicode Greek font package available for use on PCs or Macs, developed by SIL International.

GENTIUM FONT (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
Gentium is a free font (Open Font License). Downloadable versions are available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It works very well with the Sophokeys program above, allowing you to type Greek easily in most word processing software on the Mac. A product of SIL International.

JUNICODE font for Medievalists (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
While this Unicode font was designed for medievalists, it contains a number of useful things for classicists, including Greek characters and combining diacriticals. The basic Latin characters of this font are quite pleasant.

THESSALONICA FONT (for OpenOffice; Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
For users of OpenOffice, this provides a keyboard mapping plug-in and a Greek font compatible with OpenOffice.

UNICODE FONTS for ORACC (for Windows/Mac OS/Unix)
Fonts for Assyrian and Babylonian texts in The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus.

Software for use with Greek fonts & texts

Keyboard software that allows you to take advantage of the well-known Beta Code of Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. Works well with Times New Roman, Gentium, and other Unicode fonts. Similar to Greekkeys, but this is FREE.

GREEK TRANSCODER (a plug-in for Word)
Greek Transcoder (freeware) allows you to update the font encoding for Greek passages in older files so that it becomes readable again.

DIOGENES (PC, Mac, Linux)
Freeware search program for use with TLG and Packard Humanities disks.

Software for SANSKRIT

Freeware program that allows the user to type in Sanskrit, using the Sanskrit2003 font (available for download at the same site).



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