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Robert D. Purrington
Emeritus Professor of Physics
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118
[Physics Department: 865-5520]
e-mail: danny@tulane.edu

"the earth that we knew--the only earth that we ever knew--is gone"

Bill McKibben, 2009

"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children."

John James Audubon


Personal photographs...of interest only to family and friends: grandchildren, Colorado property, etc.

Personal Research Interests:
Quantum Theory of Scattering, Classical Scattering (underwater acoustics), History of Physics, Archaeoastronomy.

Research and Teaching Interests plus other professional information


Frame of the Universe (1983), with Frank Durham

Some Truer Method: The Heritage of Isaac Newton (1989), with Frank Durham

Physics in the Nineteenth Century (1997)

The First Professional Scientist: Robert Hooke and the Royal Society of London (2009)

ROBERT HOOKE (1625-1703). Hooke lecture, Hooke book, etc.

Publication date, February 2018.The Heroic Age: The Creation of Quantum Mechanics, 1925-1940. Oxford University Press.

"Even in New Orleans, where there is magic in many things and weirdness in most, this does not happen every day."
The New York Times (8/18/95) on fighting drugs in New Orleans with Voodoo.