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Other literature:

There are several versions of the Popul Vu (Tedlock, Edmonson...) you might read; also many versions of Gilgamesh. There are also other epic myths such as .....

On the earlly history of astronomy, try Neugebauer, The Exact Scieces in Antiquity, and especially Dreyer, A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler. Also van der Waerden, Science Awakening, Vol I.

My archaeastronomy web page (as distinct from the class home page) contains links to many resources in archaeoastronomy.

For general works on civilizations such as the Maya, with information on how astronomical information was integrated into the culture, i.e., books like Shele=s Blood of Kings,......., consult the internet.

Note: There will be several books checked out to me which I would like you not to recall. You may borrow them on occasion from me.

Dated, but of interest, at least historically:

Brown, P.L., Megaliths, Myths, and Men

Hawkins, Stonehenge Decoded

Lockyear, The Dawn of Astronomy

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