Brief narrative summary of climb

Triumphant mountaineers on Uhuru Point, 5895 m: Yurgen Burger, our guide Crispin Sawaky, yours truly, Wolfgang Hubel, and our co-guide Jacabo. "Mara cama Simbu"!

Tired but happy, enjoying dawn at Gilman Pt., having climbed since 12:32 a.m.

A view of a glacial icewall and penitente ice at the summit.

Jurgen and Wolfgang plus a couple of lasses from Leeds, Stella Bower and Julie Slinger at saddle at about 14,500 ft (4400 m for those who think only in meters).

Heiko Fuchs (Aachen) and friend, at the Saddle

Our guide, Crispin Sawaky.

Hints for those planning to climb Kilimanjaro by the Marangu route.

Approaching Kibo on day 4 at 14-15,000'.

View into the summit crater from near Gillman Point, about 18,500'