PHYSICS 132-04

Instructor: Purrington

Office: 5050 Stern Hall

Phone: 862-3177

Text: Knight, Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Problem Assignments and grading, etc., will be managed using MASTERING PHYSICS, which comes with the text. The web address is Click on the Knight, Physics for Scientists and Engineers link.

Your first assignment is to create an account in Mastering Physics.

The course number is "MPPURRINGTON0001"


Week of

May 15 Chapters 25-26

May 22 Chapters 27-28

May 29 No class May 29. Chapters 29-30. Exam May 31, Chaps. 25-27.

June 5 No class June 5. Chapter 31.

June 12 Chapters 32-33; Exam June 12, Chaps. 28-31.

June 19 Chapters 34-35; Exam June 22, Chaps. 32-34

June 26 Chapters 37-...;Final Exam, June 28, Chaps. 35....

Grades will be turned in on June 29.

The four exams will count equally. Together they will represent 65% of your grade. The lab will count 15%. The remaining 20% will be based on the problem assignments. There will be one assignment per chapter.

Approximate due dates for problem sets in Mastering Physics:

Chapter 25--May 22

Chapter 26--May 26

Chapter 27--May 29

Chapter 28--June 2

Chapter 29--June 5

Chapter 30--June 9

Chapter 31--June 12

Chapter 32--June 16

Chapter 33--June 19

Chapter 34--June 23

Chapter 35--June 26


NOTE: I will also use "blackboard" for some communications: