Hurricane Francis, 5 September 2004. Click for animated image. Images courtesy of WeatherTap (


NOAA weather site for New Orleans area

New Orleans Lakefront Airport Conditions

Heat Index Chart

Weather Underground

NEXRAD animation of squall line passage, Nov. 2, 1998.

Intellicast Weather

WeatherTap. By subscription only.

CNN Cancun Radar

NCAR Nexrad Data Archives Viewer. NEXRAD loops (for New Orleans, use LIX)

Rutgers Wide-area Nexrad Loops

NOAA North American Weather Map

college of Du Page Next Generation Weather Lab mcnexrad composites

NRL Monterrey Tropical Weather

National Hurricane Center

The Weather Channel

U. Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Cener weather data

Tides Online

Composite satellite images from W. Wisconsin.

Link to NEXRAD radar sites, via weather underground.

NEXRAD radarfrom Weather Underground

Tropical Weather

Weather Underground's Tropical Weather

NRL Monterrey Tropical Weather

National Hurricane Center

Marine Weather

Coastal Marine Forecasts

Graphic Wave Heights

Sea Surface Temperatures and Heights

Weather Underground Sea Surface Temps

Rutgers Marine Remote Sensing Site. Sea surface temperatures for the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.

Sea surface temps for Atlantic Coast, Hotspots Charts, LLC

Other radar sources for weather or radar ornithology

Radar Ornithology Lab at Clemson (Sidney Gauthreaux)

IWIN*/NWS Weather Page.

*Interactive Weather Information Newtwork. Includes national radar summary, satellite imagery, SEA SURFACE TEMPS, etc.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center Page.

See especially the 1 km North America GOES-8 VIS imagery

Colorado weather from IWIN

Weather resources from Pacific Coast Avionics. "Every weather link known"

European and N. Atlantic Weather

New Orleans NEXRAD radar

Houston NEXRAD radar

NEXRAD radar from Mobile

WeatherNet Home page

WeatherNet click-sensitive map for radar and satellite imagery

Weather from the Weather Channel

Other weather/climate sites:

National Climatic Data Center Home Page

NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center

Another, from shreveport radar.