Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

These twenty-five images illustrate various aspects of Louisiana botany, ecology, and cultural history.  Some of  the photographs  were taken at sites studied by William T. Penfound, Professor of Botany at Tulane University and the author of seminal papers describing Gulf Coast aquatic plant communities.  Images from other sources depict commercial activities and ways of life that no longer exist in Louisiana.  Each slide is glass-mounted and roughly 3 4 inches; all images date from ca. 1925-1940.  Captions are, for the most part, taken from the slides, with some corrections and additions.

A Louisiana trapper's palmetto cabin. Locality unknown.

The Great Flood of 1927: Visitors watch the Mississippi River spill through Caernarvon Crevasse, 13 miles below New Orleans.

New Orleans street scene. Great Flood of 1927.

Port Eads near South Pass, Mississippi River, Louisiana. Date unknown.

The knees were cut from this bald cypress in 1914. The tree's growth was slowed for three or four years, then returned to normal.

Salt Bayou lagoon, Louisiana. Eleocharis elongata (foreground), Spartina patens, Juncus roemerianus.

Salt Bayou, Louisiana, drained marsh, 1935. Invasion by Baccharis and Solidago.

Honey mangrove (Avicennia) in ditch near Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Edward S. Hathaway (Professor of Zoology, Tulane University) working at Slidell Transect, Louisiana.

Ecotone at Indian Village, Louisiana.

Swamp near Grand Ecore, Louisiana. Water level 6 to 8 feet below flood stage.

Bottomland hardwood forest with palmetto understory, Louisiana. Date and locality unknown.

Beach after storm. Gulf Coast barrier island.

Bottomland forest, Louisiana,with virgin cottonwood, box-elder and hackberry.

Outcrop of Catahoula sandstone, Kisatchie, North of Leesville, Louisiana.

Tulane University ecologists in a Louisiana marsh. Identity of place and persons unknown.

Map of part of the Mississippi River delta, vicinity of Cubit's Gap, ca. 1930.

Bald cypress in Lake Chicot, Louisiana. Water level 42 inches below flood stage.

Superintendent's house, Churchhill, Louisiana. December, 1939.

Turpentine-collecting experiment in second-growth longleaf pine near Starke, Bradford County, Florida. Photo U.S.Forest Service.

Eight-wheel wagon with a load of red gum logs. Point Coupe Parish, Louisiana. Date unknown. Photo U.S. Forest Service

Turpentine camp, G. S. L. Co., Mandeville, Louisiana. Date unknown.

Slash pine - pond cypress association. G. S. L. Co., Mandeville, Louisiana. Date unknown.

Logger's cabin, Louisiana. Date and locality unknown.

Hauling timber by train, St. Tammany Parish (?), Louisiana. Date unknown.