Ryan Watkins-Hughes (Class of 2010)

Email: rwatkins@tulane.edu

Born in Atlanta, GA, Ryan Watkins-Hughes is a New Orleans-based artist, web designer, and photographer. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Hinterconti in Hamburg, Germany along with group exhibitions and a solo show at Heist Gallery, NYC. Watkins-Hughes' work has been featured in The New York Times, The LA Times, The London Times Magazine, Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil, CNN, and NPR. The legal implications of his Shopdropping project have also been discussed in the Washington University Law Review.

David Robinson (Class of 2008)

Email: david@tulane.edu

David is a multimedia designer and developer living and working in New Orleans, LA. He wears many hats including those of a Project Team Leader/Instructional Technologist at the Innovative Learning Center at Tulane University, a blogger for FlashInsider, the manager of the New Orleans Macromedia User Group, and a doctoral student at Tulane in New Media Studies (a program of his own design). He has a lovely wife, Wendy, and two sons who one day will code circles around their father.