Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy


Murphy Institute of Political Economy

Conference on Fairness and

The Political Economy of Globalization



1-2 April 2005
Diboll Conference Center (Info, Venue )
Tulane University

Accommodations at the Pontchartrain Hotel

( Participant List )



1 April 2005


9:00a–Coffee, pastries, etc.



                        ■Richard F. Teichgraeber III (Director of the Murphy Institute)


■Doug Nelson (Tulane University and University of Nottingham)

Panel I. Research on Fairness Norms


● 9:30-10:45


■ Truman Bewley: “Fairness, Reciprocity, and Wage Rigidity

Panel II. Domestic Political Economy of Fairness


● 10:45-12:00


■ Per Lundborg: “Wage Fairness, Growth and the Utilization of R&D Workers


● 12:00-1:00, Lunch (At Diboll Center)


● 1:00-2:15


■ Udo Kreickemeier and Hartmut Egger: “Fair Wages and International Fragmentation”


● 2:15-3:30


■ Carl Davidson, Steve Matusz, and Doug Nelson: “Fairness and Adjustment to Trade Shocks in a Simple Political Economy


● 3:30-4:00, Coffee and General Discussion


● 4:00-5:15


■ Michael Hiscox: “Through a Glass and Darkly: Framing Effects and Individuals’ Attitudes Towards International Trade


● 6:00p: Dinner at Upperline Restaurant (1413 Upperline St, New Orleans)

2 April 2005


● 10:00-10:45: Coffee, Pastries, etc.

Panel III. International Political Economy of Fairness


● 10:45-12:00


■ Susan Aaronson and Jamie Zimmerman: “Fair Trade?: How Oxfam Presented a Systematic Approach to Globalization, Human Rights and Development


● 12:00-1:00p: Lunch


● 1:00-2:15


■ Amrita Narlikar: “Fairness in International Trade Negotiations: Developing Countries in the GATT and WTO




■ Mathias Risse: “Fairness in Trade


● 3:30-3:45, Coffee


● 3:45-5:00


Howard Chang: “Cultural Communities in a Global Labor Market: Immigration Restrictions as Residential Segregation


● 5:00-7:00--Reception


● 7:30p--Dinner at Cobalt Restaurant (333 St. Charles, New Orleans)