The Murphy Institute,



Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy

Conference on

Global Migration:

Economics, Politics, Policy11-12 March 2011







11 March 2011



                  ■ Steven Sheffrin (Murphy Institute, Tulane University)


■ Doug Nelson (Murphy Institute, Tulane University)

Panel I. Migration and Labor Markets


● 9:15-10:15


Richard Upward (Nottingham): TBA


● 10:15-10:30, Coffee


● 10:30-12:30


■ Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown): South-South Migration and the Labor Market: Evidence from South Africa


■ Madeline Zavodny (Agnes Scott College): Chinese Immigrants in the U.S. Labor Market: Effects of Post-Tiananmen Immigration Policy


● 12:30-1:30, Lunch (At the Intercontinental)

Panel II. Migration and Trade


● 1:30-3:30p


■ Philip Martin (UC Davis): Trade and Migration: Comparing Mexico-US and Turkey EU


■ Peter Egger (ETH-Zürich): Trade and Migration


● 3:30-3:45, Coffee

Panel III. Migration Data Challenges




Çaglar Özden (World Bank): Migration data challenges


● 6:30p: Dinner at K-Pauls (416 Chartres, New Orleans)

12 March 2011

Panel IV. Taxing Remittances




Jay Wilson (Michigan State University): The Optimal Tax Treatment of Remittances


10:00-10:15a: Coffee

Panel V. Political Economy of Migration


● 10:15-12:15


■ Giovanni Facchini (Erasmus): The rhetoric of closed borders: quotas, lax enforcement and illegal migration


■ Michael Hiscox (Harvard): TBA


● 12:15-1:30: Lunch

Panel VI. Political Economy, II




Jens Hainmueller (MIT): TBA


Yotam Margalit (Columbia): TBA


3:30-3:45, coffee




■ Spiros Bougheas (Nottingham): Skilled Worker Migration and Trade: Inequality and Welfare


● 6:00-6:45--Reception (Herbsaint)


● 7:00p--Dinner at Herbsaint (701 St. Charles, New Orleans)

The conference venue is the Intercontinental Hotel, 44 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA.

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