The Global Trade and Financial Architecture Project

(Sponsored by DFID),


The Murphy Institute




Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy

Conference on

The Political Economy of Trade Policy in the BRICS


27-28 March 2009


Cabildo Room

Intercontinental Hotel

New Orleans





27 March 2009



                   ■Bernard Hoekman (World Bank)


■Doug Nelson (Murphy Institute and Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy)

Panel I. India (Chair, tba)


● 9:15-10:15


■ Kishore Gawande (Texas A & M). "Special Interests and the Trade Policy in the BRICs: Evidence from Agriculture and Manufacturing" (with Bernard Hoekman).


● 10:15-10:30, Coffee

Panel II. South Africa (Chair, tba)


● 10:30-12:30p


■ Faizel Ismail (South Africa Delegation to the WTO). "South Africa's Role in the Multilateral Trade System"


■ Lawrence Edwards (University of Capetown). "Trade Policy in South Africa" [with Rashad Kassim and Dirk Van Seventer]


● 12:30-1:30, Lunch (At the Intercontinental)


Panel III. Brazil (Chair, tba)


● 1:30-3:30


■ Renato Baumann (CEPAL, Brazil). "The Geography of Brazilian External Trade: Right Option for a BRIC?"


■ Eliana Cardoso (Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paolo). "A Brief History of Trade Policies in Brazil: From ISI, Export Promotion and Import Liberalization to Multilateral and Regional Agreements"


● 3:30-3:45, Coffee

Panel IV. Russia (Chair, tba)


● 3:45-4:45


■ David Tarr (New Economic School, Moscow). "Political Economy of Russian Trade Policy:¬†Early Transition, Customs Unions, WTO Accession and Protection for Industrial Diversification"


6:30p: Dinner at K-Pauls (416 Chartres, New Orleans)

28 March 2009

Panel V. China (Chair, tba)


● 9:00-10:00a


■ Will Martin (World Bank)


● 10:00-10:15a: Coffee


● 10:15-12:15


■ Wei Liang (Monterrey Institute of International Studies). "China: Globalization and the Emergence of a New Status Quo Power?".


■ Miaojie Yu (China Center for Economic Research). "Trade Liberalization, Firm Exits and Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Firms".


● 12:15-1:30: Lunch

Panel VI. Topical Papers (Chair, tba)


● 1:30-3:30


■ Jakob Engel (UK Department for International Development). "Assessing China and India's Approach to LDC Preference Schemes".


■ Marcel Vaillant (Universidad de la Republica in Montevideo). "Regionalism as industrial policy in developing countries". [with Pedro Moncarz and Marcelo Olarreaga]


● 3:30-3:45, coffee

Panel VII. General Discussion (Chair, tba)


● 3:45-4:45



6:00-6:45--Reception (Herbsaint)


7:00p--Dinner at Herbsaint (701 St. Charles, New Orleans)