Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy


Murphy Institute of Political Economy

Conference on

New Political Economy of Globalization



20-21 April 2007

Accommodations and

Conference Venue:

The Intercontinental Hotel

(Participant List)




20 April 2007




                   ■ Richard F. Teichgraeber III (Murphy Institute)


■ Doug Nelson (Murphy Institute and Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy)


Panel I. Globalization and Domestic Conflict (Chair, tba)


● 9:15-10:15


■ Costas Syropoulos (Drexel): “Globalization and Domestic Conflict”. (with Michelle Garfinkel and Stergios Skaperdas)


● 10:15-10:30, Coffee


Panel II. Democracy and Globalization (Chair, tba)


● 10:30-12:30


■ Barry Eichengreen (Berkeley): “Democracy and Globalization”. (with David Leblang)


■ Kevin Grier (Oklahoma): “On Democracy: Regime Duration and Economic Growth”. (with Michael Munger)


● 12:30-1:30, Lunch (At the Intercontinental)

Panel III. Fairness and the Political Economy of Trade (Chair, tba)


● 1:30-3:30p


■ Carl Davidson (Michigan State University): “Employment Risk, Fairness and the Political Economy of Trade Policy” (with Steve Matusz and Doug Nelson)


■ Michael Hiscox (Harvard): “Fair Trade and the Demand for Labor Standards: New Evidence from Online Experiments in Social Labeling”. (with Nick Smyth)


● 3:30-3:45, Coffee


Panel IV. Domestic Political Economy of Globalization (Chair, tba)


● 3:45-5:45


■ Helen Milner (Princeton): “American Foreign Economic Policy and the Internationalist Coalition: Legislative Coalitions Supporting Internationalism in American Trade and Aid Policy”. (with Dustin Tingley)


■ Kishore Gawande (Texas A&M): “What Governments Maximize and Why: The View from Trade” (with Pravin Krishna and Marcelo Olarreaga)


● 6:30p: Dinner at Bayona (430 Rue Dauphine, New Orleans)

21 April 2007

Panel V. Trade, Risk and the Demand for Social Insurance (Chair, tba)


● 9:00-10:00a


■ David Wildasin (Kentucky): “Trade Risk and the Demand for Social Insurance


● 10:00-10:15a: Coffee


Panel VI. Some Public Economics of Globalization




■ Bouwe Dijkstra (Nottingham): “Environmental Regulation: An Incentive for FDI”. (with Anuj Mathew and Arijit Mukherjee)


■ Ben Ferrett (Nottingham): “Competing for a Duopoly: International Trade and Tax Competition” (With Ian Wooton)


● 12:15-1:30: Lunch

Panel VII. Globalization and Poor Countries (Chair, tba)


● 1:30-3:30


■ Oliver Morrissey (Nottingham): “Trade Protection as Income Protection in Poor Countries” (with Charles Ackah)


■ Jeff Stacey (Tulane): “Creative Destruction? Neo-liberal ‘Remodeling’ in Emerging Financial Markets


● 3:30-3:45, coffee


Panel VIII. The Political Economy of Trade Agreements (Chair, tba)


● 3:45-5:45


■ Wilfred Ethier (Penn): “A Political Economy of International Trade Agreements”.


■ Rorden Wilkinson (Manchester): “Language, Power and the Breakdown of Multilateral Trade Negotiations



● 5:45-6:45--Reception



● 7:00p--Dinner at Herbsaint (701 St. Charles, New Orleans)