Murphy Institute Conference on

The Political Economy of Policy Reform

9-10 November 2001
Diboll Conference Center (Info, Map )
Tulane University

Accommodations at the Pontchartrain Hotel

( Participant List )

9 November 2001



                        ■Richard F. Teichgraeber III (Director of the Murphy Institute)


■Doug Nelson (Murphy Institute)

Panel I. Explaining Trade Liberalization (Chair, Mike Finger)


● 9:30-11:00


■ Douglas Irwin (Dartmouth): “How Tariffs Fall: Lessons from US Trade Policy History”


■ I.M. Destler (University of Maryland): “Executive-Congressional Collaboration for Trade Liberalization


● 11:00-11:15, Coffee


● 11:15-12:00


■ Christopher Magee (Bucknell) and Stephen Magee (University of Texas): “The Madison Paradox and the Low Cost of Reducing Special-Interest Legislation


● 12:00-1:00, Lunch (At Diboll Center)


● 1:00-2:30p


■ Robert C. Fisher (Thomas Weisel Partners LLC), Omer Gokcekus (North Carolina Central University), and Edward Tower (Duke): “‘Steeling’ Votes at Low Prices: Congressional Voting Patterns on the Steel Import Quota Bill of 1999”.

Panel II. Economic Analysis and Policy Making (Chair, Doug Nelson)


● 1:45-3:15


■ Alan Deardorff and Robert Stern (University of Michigan): “Pros and Cons of Linking Trade and Labor Standards”.


■ Jeffrey Hart (University of Indiana): “Can Industrial Policy be Good Policy?


● 3:15-3:30, Coffee


● 3:30-5:00


■ H. Keith Hall (USITC): “Economic Analysis at the US ITC”


■ Joseph Francois (Erasmus): “General Equilibrium Studies of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Do They Really Help?


● 6:00p: Dinner at Upperline Restaurant (1413 Upperline St, New Orleans)

                        For information on Upperline click here

10 November 2001

Panel III. International Environmental Issues (Chair, Brian Potter)


● 10:00-10:45a


■ Emilson Silva (Tulane University): “Equitable and Efficient International Schemes to Control Carbon Dioxide Emissions


● 10:45-11:00a: Coffee

Panel IV. The WTO, Trade Liberalization and Development (Chair, Robert Stern)




■ Claude Barfield (AEI): “Dispute Resolution at the WTO


■ Julio Nogués (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and UNIDO): “Unequal Exchange: Developing Countries in the International Trade Negotiations


● 12:30-1:30: Lunch


● 1:30-3:00


■ Sam Laird (UNCTAD) and Raed Safadi (OECD): “The WTO and Development


■ L. Alan Winters (University of Sussex): “Coherence with No “Here”: WTO Cooperation with the World Bank and the IMF


● 3:00-3:15, coffee

Panel V. Policy Learning and Policy Convergence (Chair, Yutaka Horiba)


● 3:15-5:30


■ Patrick Messerlin (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris) and Bernard Hoekman (The World Bank): “The World Bank, the WTO and the Trade Policy Research”


■ Oliver Morrissey (Nottingham University) and Doug Nelson (Tulane Univeristy): “The Role of the World Bank in the Transfer of Policy Knowledge on Trade Liberalisation


■ Alan Duncan and David Greenaway (Nottingham University): “Tax Credits and Welfare for Working Families: A Case Study of UK-USA Policy Convergence”.


● 5:30-6:45--Reception


● 7:00p--Dinner at Clancy's Restaurant (6100 Annunciation St, New Orleans)

                        For information on Clancy's click here .