Family Pictures

A few classics, very early: Family portrait, Failed family portrait, Letty and Mariel, Mari,
Even newer old pictures: Wild Mari, Good Mari, Letty and Mari, More Mari, Laundry day, Driving Mari, Mari and Me,
A few more oldies: Mari and Letty, This can't be good, Mari and Letty; Mari and Me, again.
Some excellent Mari pictures: I want you...; Now that's funny; or at least silly; Up to her ears in balls; Not exactly haute couture.
Yet more Mari pictures: Smug Mari; Mari at the zoo; Mari in doll's cradle (thanks Taylor); Mari in rocking chair; Mari; Favorite pose.
Party time at P.J.'s: Letty and Mari; More Letty and Mari; Three Nelsons, Three Nelsons (Plus Amelia).

Halloween through the years: First haloween costume; Second Halloween (Mari and Me at Kidopolis); Third Halloween; More Third Halloween, Fourth Halloween Costume, Again, and Again.

All new Mari pictures: Letty and Mari, Equestrienne Mari (and me); Mari and Me; Mari; Mari; Mari.

Party Time Mi Tierra Style: The Whole Vasquez Crew, Mari, More Mari, Still More Mari, Silly Face

Thanksgiving in San Antonio: At Lonnie Ray's Birthday, Playing in the Yard with Dad, Playing in the Yard with Destiny and Desi, what a ham

Christmas 2001: Letty and Mari, Even More Letty and Mari, Mari and Me, More Mari and Me, Mari, Mari and Presents, Mari and the Barbie Head, Ready to Go Out (Madeline Hat), Screwy Hat, Letty at Chrismas Dinner, Letty and Mari at Dinner, Mari at Dinner

More Mari Pictures: Mari and Spiderman, Mari, Mari, Mari, Return of This Can't Be Good, Mari, Mari and Me.

Dinner Table Charm: Charm 1, Charm 2, Charm 3, Charm 4.

First day at McGehee: New Uniform, Again, In the car, First McGehee butterfly.

More McGehee Days: Blue Uniform, Red Uniform, Crazy in shorts, Still Crazy

Lest we forget: Princess Mari, Twirling, More Princess, Refrigerator artist

Austin, 2003: Mari, Letty and Hoover; Texas History Museum with Laurie and Rick; Inside the Museum; Mariel; Letty and Mariel

Bossier City, Avoiding the flood: Mari and Uncle Dennis, More Mari and Dennis, Pumpkin Carving, The Final Product

McGehee Field Trip: Potato Picking, Swimming party

Harry Potter Camp, Oxford: Nelson family at Oxford; Mari with roses; Platform 9 3/4; Sorting hat; Quidditch.

Mariel 2006: Football hero; posing; Zora.