Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy


Murphy Institute of Political Economy


Conference on Political Economy of

Policy Transfer, Learning, and Convergence




11-12 April 2003
Diboll Conference Center (Info, Venue )
Tulane University


Accommodations at the Pontchartrain Hotel

( Participant List )



11 April 2003





                        ■Richard F. Teichgraeber III (Director of the Murphy Institute)


■Alan Duncan (Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalization and Economic Policy)


Panel I. Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Policy Learning, Transfer and Convergence (Chair, ?)




Evelyne Huber & John Stephens (University of North Carolina): “State Economic and Social Policy in Global Capitalism”.


■ David Dolowitz (University of Birmingham): “The Europeanization of Policy Transfer: The EU as Policy Mediator”.


11:00-11:15, Coffee


● 11:15-12:00


■ Diane Stone (University of Warwick): “Transnational Transfer Agents and Global Networks in the ‘Internationalisation’ of Policy”.



12:00-1:00, Lunch (At Diboll Center)


Panel II. Characterizing Policy Transfer, Learning and Convergence (Chair,)


● 1:00-3:15p


■ Kevin Grier (University of Oklahoma): “Convergence: Concepts, Tests & Evidence”.


■ Oliver Morrissey (University of Nottingham) & Doug Nelson (Tulane University): “Characterizing International Policy Learning”.


■ Graham Wilson (University of Wisconsin): “Importing Cooperation in Environmental Policy”.


● 3:15-3:30, Coffee


Panel III. Macroeconomic Policy (Chair,)




■ Richard Hemming (International Monetary Fund): “Policies to Promote Fiscal Discipline”.


Robert Franzese and Jude C. Hays (University of Michigan): “Modeling Spatial Relationships in International and Comparative Political Economy: An Application to Globalization and Capital Taxation in Developed Democracies”.


● 6:00p: Dinner at Upperline Restaurant (1413 Upperline St, New Orleans)


12 April 2003


Panel IV. International Trade/Competition Policy (Chair, David Greenaway)


● 10:00-10:45a


Thomas Prusa (Rutgers University) & Susan Skeath (Wellesley College): “Retaliation as an Explanation for the Proliferation of Antidumping”.


● 10:45-11:00a: Coffee




■ Chris Milner (University of Nottingham): “Learning, Herding, or Coercion: The Case of the ‘Trade Policy Revolution’ in Sub-Saharan Africa”.


■ Julian Clarke, Simon Evennett (World Trade Institute) & J. David Richardson (Syracuse University): “Recent Cross-Border Competition-Policy Transfer and Convergence”.



12:30-1:30: Lunch


Panel V. The Welfare State (Chair, Alan Duncan)




■ Robert Walker (University of Nottingham) & Michael Wiseman (Urban Institute): “Refreshing Reform: Ideas from British Welfare Strategy”.


■ Alan Duncan (University of Nottingham), Mark Pearson (OECD) & J.K. Scholz (University of Wisconsin): “Is There an Emerging Consensus in Making Work Pay Policies?”.


■ Mitchell A. Orenstein (Syracuse University): “Mapping the Diffusion of Pension Innovation”.


3:00-3:15, coffee


Panel VI. Labor Market and Education Policy (Chair, Doug Nelson)




■ David Greenaway (University of Nottingham) & Bruce Chapman (Australian National University): “Learning to Live with Loans? Policy Transfer and the Funding of Higher Education”.




● 7:00p--Dinner at Cobalt Restaurant (333 St. Charles, New Orleans)