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Hey there girls and boys! We are the Spring 99 Feminist Theory class of the Women's Studies Program at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. This web page was created as part of the feminist commitment to communicating ideas and involvement in the community (and because our professor is making us, j/k). We are all Women's Studies majors or minors trying to tap into the growing web universe with the hope of creating one more space for women to express their views and opinions, listen to one another and find the resources they need -- Hey, just about anything we want! For the past semester, we have been studying various aspects of feminist theory, writing papers on topics that are of interest to us as feminists, discussing local hapenings, and keeping weekly journals of our insights and discoveries. Studying feminist theory as we come closer and closer to the begining of the new milennia is especially exciting and inspiring. We recently hosted the South-Central Women's Studies Conference: "Women@2K" here at Tulane University, where we looked to the past, present, and future of feminism and women.

This web page is designed to provide an insight into what's going on in Women's Studies at Tulane University, but also also as a source of information, ideas, and plain ole' feminist fun!

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