Rationality, Values, God and Religion


Dr. Frank T. Birtel, Professor of the  University Emeritus

Tulane University


 Current Seminars:  (Offered in the Fall Semester)

  Science and Religion, Colq.303 (H)

Sc_&Rel.html  World Societies III: Religion in an Age
             of   Science, MLAR 709

  Past Seminars:   

  God(s) and Science, Colq. 302 (H)

      Science and Human  Values,Colq301(H). 

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  What Science, What Religion




Judeo- Christian Chair Lecture Series 




Renewing the Judeo-Christian Wellsprings, Edited by Val Ambrose McInnes, Crossroad, 1987
Religion, Science, and Public Policy, Edited by Frank T. Birtel, Crossroad, 1987
New Visions, Edited by Val Ambrose McInnes, Crossroad, 1993
Reasoned Faith, Edited by Frank T. Birtel, Crossroad, 1993 
Religion and the American Experience, Editor, Dr. Frank T. Birtel, New City Press, 2005
Re-Imaging God for Today, Editor, Very Rev. Dr. Val A. McInnes, O.P., New City Press, 2005

                                           Mathematics Courses

    Multivariable Calculus: Math 221
        Outline and Assignments

      Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences: Math 3(6)47
       (Introduction to Partial Differential Equations)

     Complex Analysis: Math 430 (630)

     Wedge Product for Sophomores