Caterpillars of Louisiana

With their Adults and Associated Parasitoids

Families of Lepidoptera in the Database:

Arctiidae: Tiger Moths, Wooly Bears, etc.

Gelechiidae: Twirler Moths

Geometridae: Loopers, Inchworms, and Spanworms

Hesperiidae: Skippers

Lasiocampidae: Tent Caterpillars

Limacodidae: Slug Caterpillars

Lymantriidae: Bag Worms

Megalopygidae: Flannel Moths

Noctuidae: Loopers, Dagger Moths,Cutworms, Underwings, etc.





Notodontidae: Prominents

Nymphalidae: Brush-footed Butterflies

Papilionidae: Swallowtail Butterflies

Pieridae: Sulfur Butterflies

Pyralidae: Pyralid Moths

Saturniidae: Cecropia or Silkworm Moths

Sphingidae: Hornworms or Sphinx Moths


Other Externally Feeding Larvae: Sawflies, Beetles, Flies, and Lacewings





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