Harrisimemna trisignata [Walker] Harris' Three Spot


Host Plant: Ilex vomitoria (Various Hardwood Trees, especially hollies)

General description: Larvae are dark maroon with white diagonal stripes running up the prolegs and white reticulations overall. They are sparsely covered with long white hairs and often have OLD HEAD CAPSULES attached by hairs to the new head capsules (lower right in photo). They hang on the undersides of twigs and appear to be cadavers or cast skins of a caterpillar, or trash. If disturbed they will rock as if blown by the wind or, if very disturbed will thrash back and forth.



Other Images: Details of body

Determined by: Gentry, fide Wagner (REF)




Time as pupae and rearing results: As of May 2003 N=5

Host plants in database:Ilex vomitoria

Parasitoids and predators:


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Location of Vouchers: Tulane University

Covell 1975, Wagner et al. 1997.