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Fall 2019

CPST WebServer Information
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CPST WebServer
CPST WebServer is the home for all Student WebSites developed this semester.

The Web Address ( URL ) of CPST WebServer is cpst.tulane.edu. All students registered in the current semester for CPST-2400-10 should already have space available on the CPST WebServer. This can easly be verified by typing your URL in a WebBrowser. What is a WebBrowser? What is your URL? URLs are constructed like this?

  • http://cpst.tulane.edu/ -- the computer name of CPST WebServer
  • ~yname/ -- your Tulane user ID (same as your eMail name)
  • cpst-2400-10/ -- folder where all your assignment WebSites will live this semester
  • index.html -- the name of some WebPage (in this case index.html
  • For Tulane user ID "gnorth", a complete URL to the index page will look like this
  • http://cpst.tulane.edu/~gnorth/cpst-2400-10/index.html
  • click on it, see what you see?
  • all the forward slashes "/" are just the punctuation that divides the parts of a URL.
  • George North is your instructor, his Tulane eMail name is gnorth.
  • Here is the URL for another WebPage ...
  • http://cpst.tulane.edu/~gnorth/cpst-2400-10/helloWorld.html
  • Every assignment WebPage will have it own unique URL
  • When you turn-in assignments, it is a URL just like the one above that you will paste into an eMail message to send to me, your instructor.

  • So, for example ...
    What is a WebBrowser? What is a URL? Using a WebBrowser, type the URL for your CPST WebServer HomePage ... which is http://cpst.tulane.edu/~yname/index.html, keep in mind that yname is your Tulane user ID (same as your eMail name) -- the WebPage I will see will look like this:


    Please note ...
  • There should be (folders) links to all CPST courses in which you are registered.
  • The (folder) link for our course is cpst-2400-10

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