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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

HTML Myself

As condition for taking this class, I agree to the following ...

All of the Web Pages I create for this class will be written by myself directly using HTML (or XHTML). I will not copy (plagiarize) HTML from others without proper referencing. I will NOT use any authoring software like MS Word, HomePage, Publisher, DreamWeaver, etc. I will ONLY use a text editor, like NotePad or BBEdit. I will include documentation all my HTML and CSS.

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Copy the above paragraph. Start a new eMail message addressed to George (gnorth@tulane.edu). Make the subject of the eMail ... "I agree". Paste the paragraph as the body of the eMail. Include your full name and your Tulane eMail address. Send!