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HouseKeeping for Week 0
see also Getting Started
see also Course Documents
see also Weekly Assignments

Be certain you read carefully. Read again. It's not expected that you complete everything listed below on your first day. It is expected that you will complete everything listed by the Due Date for Week 0. Assignments turned in late are subject to penalty described in our Syllabus. If needed, eMail instructor requesting more time.

Personally, I offer no excuse for all the errors, especially spelling errors, you may find in our course documents. Feel free to point them out, or not, you cannot hirt my fellings on this issue. I am dyslexic. More dyslexia links. Dyslexia is a gift. And, on another note, the World Wide Web fosters two important social goals: participation and identification.

The first official day of class is listed on our Site Index WebPage. Since this is an OnLine Class, our SiteIndex WebSite, Canvas and Tulane eMail are our primary points of contact. There are NO in classroom meetings. There are NO synchronous meetings. You should plan to access Canvan Discussions multiple times weekly.

eMail will be our primary means of communications. I will send eMail to you using ONLY your Tulane eMail address. When sending eMail to me, you will use ONLY your Tulane eMail address. This is University policy. I'm very happy to be with you'll this semester. This will be fun! Have fun!!!

House Keeping tasks: we need to care for a few thing first

  • Buy the textbook, ASAP. We have a very good textbook. You cannot complete assignments without the textbook. TextBook information is included in our Syllabus. When obtaining a copy of your textbook, be certain the ISBN number is correct. Check our Syllabus for ISBN number.
  • Be certain you understand the information presented in the Syllabus for our class. Read everything.
  • Visit the Course Documents WebPage. Read everything. If you do not already have them, download a TextEditor, download a FTP Client. Download Data Files for Students to your computer. These files are required to complete weekly assignments. Start organizing files on your computer. For example, make a folder to keep all the Data Files for Students, so you can easily find them. Soon, you will need another folder to keep all your WebSite assignment files.
  • Visit the Assignment WebSite WebPage. This WebPage is important for two reasons. One, here you will find links to every WebSite developed by every Student, for our entire semester. And two, you will find a link to Graded Rubrics, like this one for Week 0. You may notice that some students are already completing Week 0 assignments. You will need to know your SIS User ID to identify your own grades.
  • Visit the HTML Myself WebPage. Comply with its instructions.
  • Visit Canvas' Discussions tab. Participate (post a thread) in the Forum Week 0 - Introduce Yourself. Take a look at the thread for George North, your instructor. Add a thread to introduce yourself to our class. Participate (post a thread) in the Forum Week 0 - Canvas Discussions. Comply with the requirements by posting a thread to the "Week 0 - Canvas Discussion" Forum.
  • Visit Canvas Grades tab. Here you will find your Grade for all Weekly Assignments that you have completed.
  • Read our Course Syllabus again.
  • Ask George, your instructor, for more information if there is something about the Syllabus you don't understand.

  • This is Week 0: more House Keeping

  • This week is Week 0, (as listed on our Site Index WebPage)
  • Knowing the week number will make using this WebSite easier.
  • You will receive one or more eMail messages during Week 0 from George. Make certain you reply as requested to these eMails.
  • Visit the CPST WebServer WebPage. This describes how you locate the WebServer you will use this semester to host all the WebSites you develop. Once you know the URL for your HomePage on CPST Server, paste the URL in an eMail to your instructor (gnorth@tulane.edu).
  • Sending eMail to George is how your will turn in WebSite Assignments. Send George the URL, it will look something like this: http://cpst.tulane.edu/~yname/index.html. I will not grade your assignments until you send me eMail asking "Please grade my Week ?. This is the URL. If you have problems, or your URL doesn't work, send eMail anyway with an explanation of what happened.
  • Begin reading Tutorial 1. In our text, Tutorials are the equal of chapters of most books. If you don't have your textbook yet, get it ASAP. All the assignments for Week 0 can be completed without a textbook.

  • Your first WebPage is due by the Due Date of Week 0

    This is a graded assignment

    And here is the link to Week 0 Assignment Page

    see also our SiteIndex WebPage for All Weekly Assignments
    see also Weekly Assignments