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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 1
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 1 -- Tutorial 1, Getting Started with HTML5

First thing you may notice is that this week's News in somewhat similar to Week 0's News, making it Olds ... not News. Just goes to show how important it is that you master the topics listed here. Carefully note that this week's WebPage Assignment is new.

Please carefully read this page and read all the linked pages provided here. Read everything again.

When you complete Tutorial 1 you should understand
♦ WebBrowser, WebServer, WebPage, WebSite
♦ HTML- HyperText Markup Language
♦ CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
♦ element
♦ body element, address element, article element
♦ blockquote element, cite element, div element
♦ footer element, head element, empty element
♦ img element, inline element, paragraph element
♦ grouping elements
♦ attribute
♦ comment tag
♦ Document Type Declaration
♦ utf-8, the character set that we will use ...
♦ Modernizr
♦ W3C Markup Validation Service

J-Prop Shop is the example WebSite used by Tutorial 1. And, J-Prop Shop is the Assignment WebSite for Week 1.

Required: The Text Book

The information you need to purchase our TextBook is included on our Syllabus. Make certain you have "New Perspectives: HTML and CSS, 6th Edition - Comprehensive".

If you do not yet have the TextBook, you will still be able to complete all the assignments for Week 0, including the WebPage "HelloWorld.html". Beginning Week 1, you MUST have your TextBook in order to complete Week 1 WebSite Assignment, and all future WebSite assignments.

Look here for more help with our TextBook.

Tutorials 1, 2 and 3 are critical to your success and we will devote two week of class time for each. Tutorials 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 will be covered in one week each. This semister, we wil skip Tutorial 7. Don't get trapped into thinking that your can start working on Sunday for an assignment due the same day.  Start early. Submit WebSites early. Turn-in your partly completed WebSite on or before Fridays and your instructor will provide you with feedback that you can use to make changes and submit again.  It maters not how often you turn-in WebSites -- no one's assignment will be graded until after the assignment due date has passed.  It is in your best interest to turn-in assignments early. As described in the Syllabus, there is a penalty for turning-in assignments late.  Be certain to keep your instructor informed if you need to turn-in an assignment late.  Provide an explanation, ask for an extension.

Most WebSite assignments are chosen from the Case Problems at the end of each Tutorial. You should give serious consideration to completing every Case Problem, even though you will be graded on just one.  Some assignments can be very time consuming. So remember the advice from above -- start assignments early, ask for feedback from your instructor.  

Required: Modern WebBrowser

It is a total MUST for you to have at minimum one Modern WebBrowser.

Follow link to this page for more information.

Required: You need a Text Editor and a FTP Client

Microsoft Windows ... there are many freely available TextEditors for Windows, so I don't want to make any recomendations, like Notepad++ (ask Wiki). FileZilla is a free FTP client for both Mac and Windows.

Macintosh ... for a Mac TextEditor, I suggest the freely available BBEdit. FileZilla is a free FTP client for both Mac and Windows. FTP for Macs, I like Fetch, there is a free license for education. Apply for Free Fetch License.

What is a Text Editor

What is a FTP Client

Required: eMail

When I send eMail to you, I will ONLY use your Tulane eMail address. I expect that when you send me eMail it will be from your Tulane eMail address and to my Tulane eMail address ( gnorth@tulane.edu ). The penalty for not following this guideline is that I may miss your eMail message to me -- it may get mixed up with one of my other eMail addresses and just get lost or treated as junk. Also I ask that part of the Subject be our course number ( CPST-2400 ), and that you type your full name at the end of the Message. I retain all copies of your eMail to me and my eMail to you.

Required: Your Tulane CPST WebSite

For our class you are required to have your own Web Site on Tulane's CPST WebServer.

Follow link to this page for CPST WebServer Information.