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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2019

News - Week 3
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 3 -- Tutorial 2, Developing a WebSite

Developing a WebSite is simply developing multiple linked WebPages, hyper-linked WebPages. One attribute of good Web design is a WebSite that is easy to navigate. That is, easy for a visitor (browser) of your WebSite to navigate the multiple pages of your site.

Your major task for this Tutorial is to master HTML5 linking. As an HTML programmer, it is your responsibility to make visitors (browsers) of your WebSites feel welcome. To make browsing your WebSites easy. So, HTML programmers work hard to make using their Websites easy.

When you complete Tutorial 2 you should understand
♦ URL - and all its component parts
♦ anchor
♦ child folder, parent folder
♦ absolute path, relative path
♦ link to location within a WebPage (internal path)
♦ image map
♦ storyboard
♦ home page, site index
♦ metadata

CAMshots is the example WebSite used by Tutorial 2. And, CAMshots is the Assignment WebSite for Week 3. Work hard.

What is it?